Community Meet-Up: Brisbane!

Calling all Queensland Commanders!

You have been issued a mission to have good times with your fellow commanders! 

Local Community Contributor, PR154, invites all commanders in the area to share a laugh, meet your fellow tank commanders, and watch the ANZPL semifinals on a big screen. It might be a refreshing change of pace - to see meet somewhere other than on a battlefield.

Location: Stones Corner Hotel
346 Logan Rd, Greenslopes
QLD 4120, Australia
Date: Friday, 10th June 2022
6:30 pm – 10:00 pm AEST
Details: All attendees under the age of 18
must be accompanied by an adult

Register Here!  

Not convinced? Here's a bunch of things you can look forward to at the event:

  • Meetup Mission: Reporting for Battle!
  • Meetup Mission: Lucky Shot
  • Meetup Mission: Discount on Consumables
Meetup Mission: Reporting for Battle!


  • Be one of the first 50 to register for the event in the link provided
  • Show up and have a good time


  • Bonus Code for in-game rewards!
Meetup Mission: Lucky Shot


  • Take your lucky door number when you show up for the event
  • Be lucky enough to win!


Meetup Mission: Discount on Consumables


  • Grab something with the modest bar tab provided


  • +10% to all social skills