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2nd Anniversary Party: Malaysia

Greetings Malaysian Tank Commanders!

For weeks, we've told you about the upcoming Second Anniversary celebrations in April. We've released the pre-announcement news and even installed a month-long special filled with missions solely for this occasion. Now, we'll tell you all about the celebration party. Get your calendar ready and prepare to take notes; it's going to be a night to remember!

Once you're done, don't forget to let us know that you're coming by RSVPing in our official forum thread here. We want to make sure that we get enough room for you to enjoy yourself!


For Malaysia's Second Anniversary party, we'll be holding the event at the Orange eSports Stadium in Kuala Lumpur. The site of many local tournaments, it's big enough to accommodate everyone interested in coming AND provide them with computer terminals to play World of Tanks!

[MY] 2nd Anniversary Celebration Party
Date 27th April 2014 (Sunday)
Time 11AM - 6PM
Orange eSports Stadium,
Lot 9163, Prima Setapak, Batu 4, Jalan Genting Kelang, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

Event Itinerary

Some time ago in our pre-announcement news, we told you that we were allowing players to vote for their favourite in-game activities to participate in during the celebration event. We've since tallied the numbers and are now finally ready to reveal what you've chosen:

  • Co-op Mode: Party up and roll out! In this mode, two players control one tank - someone mans the keyboard controls, and the other serves as the 'gunner' by using the mouse - in a 7v7 matchup. The best tank crew wins 500 gold for each member!
  • Jump Challenge: Reach for the skies! Choose a tank with a top speed of under 70 km/h and jump off the bridge to reach the other side. To make things more exciting, you can't use the ELC AMX. Successful jumps will net you 300 gold.
  • 777 Heavy Tank Fight: It's back to basics with this classic mode. Take a Tier 7 heavy to a 7v7 Encounter battle in a limited set of maps (Ensk/Himmelsdorf Winter/Ruinberg on Fire/Mines) and defeat your opponent. The players from the winning team will get 500 gold each!

But that's not all we have for you, of course - check out the other stuff that we have planned for you!

  • Paint my Ride: An outline of a tank stands in the corner. What will the completed picture look like? Tap into your creative side and bring the tank to life (with the help of art supplies provided by us)!
  • Lunch: Food will be had, and there will be lots! Don't miss the cake-cutting session and the cake-eating session right after that, too.
  • WoT Trailer Quiz: We'll be playing several World of Tanks trailers on a projector screen for you to watch, before quizzing you on the contents once they finish playing. Do you remember the exact number of tanks shown in the trailer? How many times did the logo appear? Guess it right and win gold or cool items!

Bonus Codes

Who wants some free gold? Join us at the party and you'll get some!

When you attend the 2nd Anniversary Event, you'll be given a bonus code that can be redeemed for gold when you get back home to play. We're not telling you how much you'll get, but hey, free's free, right?

Lucky Draw

Oh yes, you didn't think we would leave this out, do you?

We have a good spread of prizes for our Lucky Draw winners this time around. Some would say that these prizes are easily the best part of the event!

Don't believe us? Here's a little teaser: One of the prizes could be a WoT x Razer collaboration...


That's all the information we have for you; hope to see you soon! Once again, thank you all for your continued support - here's to our next anniversaries in the years ahead!

Roll out!

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