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[SG] 29 Mar 2014 Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

Tank Commanders,

Aim for some weak spots and show us your pro sniper skills! Clock in critical hits on 6 different tanks and you will earn yourself 1,000!

Think you can ace this challenge? Be in the top 3 for critical hits on the most number of tanks and you can receive:

  • 1st Prize: 5,000
  • 2nd Prize: 3,000
  • 3rd Prize: 2,000

Scroll down for an e-Coupon. Present it at the Command Centre for an afternoon of FREE gaming to take part in our Cybercafe Challenge.

If you know someone who hasn't heard of how awesome World of Tanks is, ask him/her along! New players who sign up at the event will receive 500.

See you there!


[SG] 29 Mar 2014 Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge!
Date: 29th March, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 12pm to 4pm (local time)
Command Centre; by Wargaming, 60A Orchard Rd @The Atrium #B1-01/02/03, Singapore
(Dhoby Ghaut Xchange, basement of Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station)
  • Get critical hits on 6 different tanks in a single battle to receive 1,000 gold!
  • Tier 5 and above tanks only

Event Terms & Conditions

  • Player may continue their Free Play session after 1 hour if there are no players in the waiting line
  • If the 1 hour allocated to the player is up, player may choose to re-register for another hour of FREE Gaming depending on computers availability
  • Players who have registered for the FREE PLAY event are forbidden to play any other game titles except ‘World of Tanks’ (Asia Server)

New User Registration

  • New users who register with us during the event period will receive a bonus of 500 GOLD upon signup. *Only valid for Asia accounts.

Cyber Café Challenge Details

Get critical hits on 6 different tanks in a single battle to receive 1,000 gold!

Ranking of kills and medal counts, as well as the player’s IGN will be updated in an announcement on our website.

Cyber Café Challenge Terms & Conditions

  • Players are automatically registered for the Mini Challenge after they register for FREE PLAY event
  • Players who deal critical hits on 6 different tanks in a single battle will receive 1,000 gold
  • Players may platoon with their friends
  • Players must use Tier 5 tanks and above for the challenge
  • Each player can only win 1 challenge reward once per day regardless of how many accounts they have
  • In the event of a TIE, winner will be decided via the date and time they achieved the critical hits. The winner who achieved the critical hits at an earlier time and date will be decided as the winner


The top 3 players who achieve the most critical hits on different tanks in a single battle will receive:

1st Prize 5,000
2nd Prize 3,000
3rd Prize 2,000

Roll out your tanks and LET’S BATTLE!