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[TW] Wargaming rolled out on the circuit in Taiwan!

Onground Events
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During the second half of July, it was very sunny and hot in southern Taiwan. There was an international-class Penbay International Circuit at Penbay, Pingtung and many important  car racing tournaments were held here. From July 25 to July 26, CATERHAM - O.T.G.P. (Option Tunung car Grand Prix), which has been held for more than 10 years consecutively in Taiwan, was held at the  Penbay International Circuit. Because of the overwhelming requests from our players for a WoT plus Luxgen event, Wargaming TW office sent World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz to partake in  the circuit in the southern part of Taiwan. The weather was scorching hot but we hoped that with our presence, more people will get to know about these incredible titles!

July 25th 09:00 Event began!

Wargaming spared no efforts for this special event. We provided two great titles, World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz  for attendees to experience. Many mobile devices were provided for audiences to try World of Tanks Blitz and premiums were handed out to everyone who tried their hand at the game. There were also numerous laptops available for people to try World of Tanks. We also held mini games at selected timings and players were awarded premiums too. We feel priviledged to be a part of this event and have so many visitors come by our booth to try out our titles.



July 25th 11:00  Car Racing Countdown


At 11:00am, the group tournament began formally. Following in tradition with previous years, the organizers would invite show girls from companies or racing teams to perform the countdown to signal the start of the tournament to the racers. This time, the organizer of O.T.G.P. invited our elegent and sexy WG Girls to perform the countdown show. The WG Girls sashayed down the runway and attracted the attention of drivers and audience at the place! 


July 25th 17:00 Awards ceremony

The tournament on the first day finished before 17:00 and the award ceremony was held right after. The representive of WG TW office and beautiful WG Girls awarded prizes to the drivers who won the group tournaments.

July 26th 11:00 Car Racing Countdown

The final games of the group tournaments were held on the second day and they were far more exciting and competive than Day 1. The WG Girls were invited to perform the countdown again and right after they left the runway, the racing cars accelerated at full throttle, filling the air with the thunderous rumbles of their engines.


July 26th 13:00 Wargaming racing cars

During the break interval at noon, many of the racing cars were parked at the maintenance area for audiences to admire and take photographs with the WG models. These are the racing cars with Wargaming stickers emblazoned on them.


July 26th 14:00 Target: Wargaming Booth

July 26 was a Sunday, so there were more people than the previous day in the Penbay International Circuit. As the Wargaming booth was located near the main entrance, visitors and families came by our booth to experience World of Tanks Blitz and join in the World of Tanks mini games. This was the first time that Wargaming has participated in a racing car event, but we managed to attract alot of attention! Many children were really excited to be able to play our games and they asked for all kinds of premiums from the WG Girls. They also had tattoo stickers stuck on their arms and faces with the help from the WG Girls!


July 26th 17:00 Ending

WG staff and  WG Girls awarded prizes to the drivers who won the final tournaments.


Time flies really quickly when you're having a good time! In the blink of an eye, the two days were over and the event came to an end. Wargaming has unlocked another personal achievement with this participation in the racing event! Thank you to everyone who came by to join us. Thank you for your support and see you next time!