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WoT Fan Animation Videos

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Hi Tank Commanders,

If you appreciate animation videos with a quirky edge to them, then you'll be sure to like these videos that we have here for you.

Moments of Tanks is a compilation of short and somewhat unorthodox animation videos created based off World of Tanks (think Patapon, but with tanks). Its out of the ordinary stories told in a grey monotone world is a refreshing change from other regular video styles, so we were pleasantly surprised and highly tickled by some of the stunts and antics which the tanks in the videos were up to.

We've included Part #1 as a teaser below to whet your appetite so if you like what you're seeing, you can continue to watch the other parts here. Alternatively, they can be found in the Video section under the Media tab on the portal.

Our personal favourite is #3 - Physics 0.8.0, especially the part at 0:52, so after you've checked out the videos, tell us what's yours! Enjoy the show!