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Fan Art Spotlight #1

If you’ve been a regular on our forums, then you’ll probably have seen some of the great videos that have been posted there under the Fan Videos section. Well, if you haven’t, then we’re here to cast the spotlight on player MEOW who has been tantalizing our senses with his awesome fan made videos.


MEOW’s videos give a tour into the battlefields and showcase some exciting matches between players. It gives an overview (literally overview) of gameplay in World of Tanks and the accompanying music is aptly chosen to suit the intense atmosphere of battle. So immersed into the fight we were that we could almost smell the gunpowder wafting through the air.


Keep up the great work MEOW! We’ll be looking forward to your other videos with bated breath!

To contribute your own masterpieces, head on down to the Fan Zone section to leave your mark. Who knows? The next fan spotlight could be on you!