[Video] Developer Diaries: The Release of Mirny-13

The creation of the Mirny-13 game mode for this year's Halloween event is a long story of success, creative challenges, and disheartening setbacks. We had to balance long development time, separate teams, the constant aspiration for perfection, and a desire to create something that has never been seen in the game before.

Watch this video to learn more about our development journey!


Of particular note are the magnificently sinister 3D styles created specially for this event. Feast your eyes on the terrifying Revenant Mk. II, developed in collaboration with Masahiro Ito, the legendary art director of the Silent Hill series, for the  VIII Panther II IX E 50 , and  X E 50 Ausf. M , and Blitzlicht for the X Leopard 1 .

From the muddled reports of the rescue team members who were sent on the first expeditions to investigate Mirny-13–the ones still able to speak coherently, anyway–it seems that these tanks closely resemble those of their vanished brethren.

Just like the tanks driven by their fellow operatives who didn't survive the hostile encounters in the anomaly, but different, somehow. Subsequent patrols have returned with claims that through the radio interference in the abandoned town, one can sometimes hear the callsigns of these lost vehicles... still trying desperately to escape the void.

Surely, these are just urban legends?

Don't doom these tanks to wander forever, adrift in time and space–grab their 3D styles for gold, right in the Mirny-13 event garage. Simply click on any of them to take a closer look.

Be sure to join the event to explore this mysterious town and earn lots of spooky rewards!