World of Tanks Battle Pass: Season 3

Battle Pass Season 3 has just begun, and Colonel Barnes can't wait to introduce the latest pair of legendary commanders to you!

First off, meet Nikolay Samokhin, the commander of the IS-4 "Newt", and Deputy Commander of the Marine Tank Battalion. Experienced and responsible, he always answers personally for his mistakes, and is ever ready to charge into the heart of a battle to save his men.

Then there's Jack Reed, commander of the T110E5 "Condor". Brave, hot-headed, and very lucky. He demonstrates valor and recklessness on the battlefield in equal measure. Though he can easily take on any enemy by himself, he's not one to refuse the help of allies, either.

By some twist of fate, they've managed to become acquainted in the middle of an enemy ambush near El Halluf while each on their respective secret missions. Will they be able to join forces and find a way out of this ordeal?

Watch the video below to find out!