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WoT Visits Relatives at the Army Open House, SG

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The Army Open House was held in Singapore over the weekend at the F1 Pit Building. It’s the army’s first open house in the city and it promised lots of firearms and military vehicles, so the World of Tanks SG team couldn’t pass up on this opportunity and decided to drop by the event to pay a visit to the “relatives”.


AMX-13 was the first relative we bumped into.

Singapore has always been a country known for its warm climate but of late, the weather has been really hot and humid. We braved the weather to bring you some coverage on the event and we guess you could say that it was one smokin’ event. Visitors were given the rare opportunity to fire a SAR-21 rifle and a Matador anti-tank weapon as well as take a ride on the Terrex Infantry Fighting Vehicle – the latest armoured war machine to join the army ranks.

Besides the Terrex, one can also get up close and personal with the Leopard tank and the Super-Puma Helicopter which were on display alongside with other steel behemoths. Other highlights of the event include a 30 minute showcase of men and machines in action, a pyrotechnics display and a “gun-battle” where visitors can take part in to wage war against one another in a mock urban battleground.


Super Puma Helicopter 

With the land and air covered by tanks and helicopters, the sea was not forgotten either. Hop on the Larc-5 boat and Fast Craft Utility and set sail for a little journey across the Singapore waters at the bay.


World of Battleships?

The event has been a real eye-opener and we’re looking forward to the next one already! Perhaps you can come join us the next time round?

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