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World of Tanks Tier 2 & 3 SPG Review

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Tank Commanders,

In this video review, more insight is provided into the Tier 2 and 3 SPGs which are often overlooked and passed up for the more favourable Tier 4 and higher artillery. Often misunderstood as tanks used for simple tactics and noobs, on the contrary, these vehicles have completely different dynamics and are extremely complex and difficult to master. However, with the right combination of support, these tanks can prove to be real terrors on the battlefield.

The video examines the differences in tactics between these vehicles and higher tier artillery and will provide you with some useful tips on utilising the tanks properly to their best potential and better survivability on the front lines.

Come take a look at what the video has to offer and perhaps you might pick up a tip or two to up your gameplay a notch. Check it out!