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World of Tanks Newsletter #8 + Gold Quiz

Tank Commanders,

Issue #8 of the newsletter has just been released and with it are the results of the last issue's quiz. Check it out to see if you are one of the winners!


Reconnaissance Department 

News and Announcements - Here you can find the recent announcements for specials, in-game events, important news etc.

Research and Development Department

The Chieftain's Hatch - There has been some queries on the forums of late in regards to accuracy at range therefore the Chieftain has stepped forth to give a more in depth explanation into battlesight, mils, choke, known angle and reflection (coupled with some illustrations) to provide for a better understanding to help you improve on your accuracy. If these terms sound alien to you, it's a sign that you should probably check out what the Chieftain has to say. You may come out of it learning a new thing or two. Knowledge is power!

Post of the Week

The fastest way to grind to a Tier X is to slow down.

Doesn't sound quite right? Let our Post of the Week decipher those words and shed some light into its meaning.

From the High Command

Our regular Q & A sessions have been moved here. Get the answers to the questions you've been wanting to ask.

Propaganda Department

If you sincerely believe you're the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci but are not quite sure how to go about telling the world about it, try convincing us here at the Propaganda Department. In this section, we share artwork, screenshots, etc relating to World of Tanks so this is the place for you to bring out your creativity and showcase your masterpieces to the world.

In this week's Propaganda Department, we have with us a cute Hellcat sketch and a great guide for the Bat Chatillon 155. Take a look if you're looking to try out or improve your game with this tank.

Fake Tip of the Week

Get the best tips here every week (but don't believe everything you see).

You can also contribute to this section by providing your very own lie tip in the comments under this section.

Storm Your Brain

Wrack your brains and kick up a storm! Give your mind a good workout and have fun in the process! (Warning: may result in hair loss from self-inflicted hair pulling but we'll compensate you with gold for that. If you win, that is.)