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World of Tanks Newsletter #3

Tank Commanders,

The third instalment of our World of Tanks newsletter takes on a fresh new look from the previous so go on and take a look and tell us what you think! All feedback is greatly welcomed!

So what else is new, you say? Well, we've summarized the contents of the newsletter below so you can get an idea of what's being covered for this issue. So later you can just grab your trusty smartphones, tablets or what have you and enjoy the full contents of the newsletter when you're in the privacy of your loo enjoying your alone me-time. Aah... talk about having a good dump read.

So here you have it. Be sure to check out the full World of Tanks Newsletter #3 in the forums!

Reconnaissance Department 

Update 8.1 Notes - The British has landed, bringing along with it a whole new tech tree and 22 spanking new steel monsters into the World of Tanks arsenal. Hop on for a smooth sailing ride on the light Crusader or make them all cower before your mighty FV215b as you rampage through the battlefields. These legendary classics are here to stay so get acquainted with them now!

Other things to look out for are several premium tanks which will also be making their appearance in the in-game store and reworked maps which have gotten some rendering treatment. Check out this section in the newsletter for the full update notes.

World of Tanks Generals - Sure, you drive a mean tank in-game but can you play a mean hand? World of Tanks Generals is a free-to-play online card game dedicated to World War II gameplay. Put on your thinking caps and strategize and manipulate your way to a flawless victory. Take no prisoners!

Nickname Change Feature - Your nickname was cool... like 10 years ago. So maybe it's time to take on another alter-ego that will make everyone else sit up and take you seriously for once. We're giving you that opportunity to get a makeover now so you can now go from "YourMomma" today to "Who'sUrDaddy" tomorrow.

Don't like your nickname? Change it. Nuff said.

Research and Development Department

You ask. We reply. In here, developers of braves the storm of player questions and provides you the answers you've been searching for. There's light at the end of the tunnel!

Propaganda Department

If you sincerely believe you're the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci but are not quite sure how to go about telling the world about it, try convincing us here in this Propaganda Department. In this section, we share artworks, screenshots etc relating to World of Tanks so this is the place for you to bring out your creativity and showcase your masterpieces to the world.

Fake Tip of the Week

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Storm Your Brain

Wreck your brains and kick up a storm! Give your mind a good workout and have fun in the process! (Warning: may result in hair loss from self-inflicted hair pulling but we'll compensate you with gold for that. If you win, that is.)