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World of Tanks Fansite Kit

Tank Commanders!

Are you a great fan of World of Tanks and want to share your passion with the world?  Now with our newly updated fansite kit, you can establish your very own World of Tanks fansite with the bevy of materials provided in it. The fansite kit comes with a variety of items such as wallpapers, vehicle renders, logos, keyart etc that will set you on the right path to creating that awesome fansite that you've always dreamed about building. Or you can just download the pack to add these wonderful artworks to your World of Tanks collection.

We'd love to see the World of Tanks fansite that you can come up with by utilising the kit so be sure to share your site with us and the rest of the fans out there. We also welcome any feedback that you may have in regards to the contents of the fansite kit so let us know what you think!

Take the opportunity to build your own fansite and share your passion for World of Tanks with everyone!

Get your paws on the fansite kit here.