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Tank Commanders,

Get the latest scoops on Wargaming right here in this Wargaming News Block. We have gathered lots of exclusive information to share with everyone today so we'll break them down into 3 parts in the video:

  • World of Tanks Blitz
    Wargaming has announced a new project, World of Tanks Blitz. World of Tanks Blitz is the first free to play MMO for mobile platforms sand will be made available to players soon.
  • Wargaming Expedition to the United States Navy
    Developers and producers of Wargaming have embarked on an expedition to the United States to study historical ships and battleships in order to recreate them for World of Warships.
  • Gas Powered Games joins Wargaming
    Wargaming joins forces with Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games, welcoming one of the most influential game designers in the industry into the Wargaming family.

Check out the video to get full details and a exclusive interview with Chris Taylor!