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Video Review: British Medium Tanks

Tank Commanders,

In this video review, we'll shed some light into the new British medium tanks, touching upon some of the tanks' strengths and weaknesses and how you can utilise them better and more effectively to gain an upper advantage over your opponents during battle.

To start off the review, we'll be introducing Mark I, a Tier 1 medium tank with the highest amount hit points yet equipped with the thinnest armour. Pick up some tips and strategies on how best to use this tank to its full potential.

Also in this video review, other tanks that will be covered are the А13 Мk 1, Cruiser Mk 2, Crusader, Cromwell, Centurion Mk.1 (Tier 8) and Centurion Mk.7/1 (Tier 9) and the Tier 10 beast, FV4202. Get to know these tanks in better detail and find out the dos and don'ts when maneuvering these tanks.

We hope that with this video review, you'll be able to improve your gameplay with these British mediums. See you for our next video review of the British heavies!