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Video Review: British Heavy Tanks

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Tank Commanders,

Continuing from where we left off the last time at the British medium tanks review, this next video review will feature the heavy tanks of Great Britain and provide you with tips and tricks to best utilize these steel behemoths to your advantage.

Heavy tanks are large, well armoured vehicles that are designed to be able to take a lot of punishment and also dish out more. Their large size and lack of mobility generally makes these heavies a natural choice for leading attacks in the front lines. While a very formidable force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, they are especially susceptible to artillery fire and fast vehicles that can outmaneuver their turrets and flank them from the sides.

First up in this video review, we start from the lower tiers by taking a look at the Cruiser Mk I and Vickers Medium Mark II and the tactics to deploy for them, then move up to Vickers Medium Mark III and A10 Cruiser Mk II and focus on the advantages and useful techniques for playing these vehicles. As we move up the tiers, we will cover Valentine, Matilda and the other British tanks before we end the review at the mighty FV215b at the highest tier.

Keen to find out more about your newfound allies? Have a look at the video below and perhaps you might learn something new or useful to aid you in your upcoming battles.

Roll Out!