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A Very Happy WoT Songkran

Like any other culture, Thailand celebrates their New Year’s Day, which is known as Songkran Day, in a way that is unique to their country. During Songkran day in Thailand, people on the streets will douse one another with water as they believe that the water will wash away the bad luck and cleanse their souls.


Happy Songkran Day!

World of Tanks takes to the streets of Thailand with the Tank Girls to soak up the atmosphere (literally). Armed with powerful weapons (the super soaker gun!), the girls play crewmembers and sloshed down their targets as their “tank” paved its way through the crowds.

WoT's version of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy?

Did you manage to be a part of the action? If you did, come take part in the Capture the WoT Girls' Photo event.

We hope you had a very Happy WoT Songkran Day!

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