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Ural Steel Qualifier Results RU-server

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Last week, on the 4th of August, the Ural Steel qualifiers were finished. The teams played for 4 regional quotas to the Super final, which will take place in Moscow on the 15th of September. 

The total number of the team applications was 3968 and 1256 of them were accepted. The qualifiers were divided into 3 time zones- A zone, B zone and C zone. The quotas of RU-cluster were played in each zone, which led the winning teams to the Moscow Super final.       

1008 teams were presented in the A zone, the largest one, and only 2 semi-final winners proceeded to the Super final. The teams went through the tournament seeding from the stage of 1/512 and played 9 games in total.   

The RED community (clan) representatives met in the first semi-final: The RED: The RED-Z GRA and the already legendary The RED Rush. And this game appeared to become the main sensation of the Ural Steel Qualifiers. The RED Rush had won 8 games in a row, beginning from the stage of 1/512, without giving a chance to their rivals to win a single match, while The RED-Z GRA lost twice: in 1/64 and in quarter-finals when PROEKT [PRO-KT] and Guests-Nashorn managed to win a point each. But the last game, the semi-final itself, put everything in its right place. In a perfect, aggressive manner The RED-Z GRA left no chance for The RED Rush. The Final score speaks for itself.

Watch the A zone semi-final battle replay -  The RED Rush versus The RED-Z GRA. Score: 0:2. Commentators: Inaki and pasha2222.


Synergy-A and New Star team 1 met in the second semi-final. New Star team 1, which had won 6 previous games without losing a point and allowed its opponents to win a battle only twice (The Aces: Sharpy junk in 1/8 and 1_OTB  in 1/256 managed to do this), was considered a favorite in this leg.

Synergy-A went through the tournament not so confidently, four games were won with 2:0 score and the same amount of games were won with 2:1 score. It seemed that nothing could prevent New Star team 1 from taking their quota for the Super final. However, Synergy-A happened to be a “Die Hard” team and put up a pretty good resistance.

Watch the A zone semi-final battle replay -  Synergy-A versus New Star team 1. Score: 1:2.


Commentators: Inaki and pasha2222.

• Quarter-final — The RED Rush versus LOL.


• Quarter-final— Guests-Nashorn versus The RED-Z GRA.


• Quarter-final  — New Star team 1 versus NIZHEGORODCY.


In the B zone 316 applications were processed and 146 teams were accepted. The teams needed to play 7 games on their way to the final, from 1/64. Only two teams were lucky to do this: Ural Lizards and The RED:Rush Unity.  This final was more predictable and logical than others. Ural Lizards had won four games with 2:0 score and lost two battles in 1/8 and 1/16 to Paterna Legio VII and AceWar respectively. The RED:Rush Unity went through the tournament as a BL-10 shell through armour: six wins in six games without losing a single point. We congratulate The RED:Rush Unity team, which proceeded to the Moscow Super final without a speak of a doubt.  

Watch the B zone final battle replay — Ural Lizards versus The RED:Rush Unity. Score: 2:0. Commentators: nismoua and __КРАН__.


B zone battles replay. Commentators: nismoua and __КРАН__:

• Semi-final — The Others versus Ural Lizards.


To take part in the C zone qualifiers, the smallest zone on RU-cluster, 221 applications were sent and 102 teams were accepted.  Sensations and surprises in this time-zone began long before the final. Cyber sport fans were shocked when The RED: Rush team 3, the main favorite, lost in the semi-final. The creators of this sensation, Virtus.PRO Aces, went through the whole qualifiers successfully: six wins in a row with 2:0 score from the 1/64 stage. So it will be very exciting to follow the Virtus.PRO Aces matches in the Super final. Hopefully, the sensations will also continue there.

Watch the C zone final battle replay —Virtus.PRO Aces versus The Chess Gambit. Score: 2:0. Commentator is tanchik86.

C zone battles replay. Commentator is Vspishka:

• Quarter-final — Virtus.PRO Aces versus Infra-Red Army.


• Semi-final — Virtus.PRO Aces versus The RED: Rush team 3.