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URAL Steel: Interview with The RED-Z GRA (RU)

Team The RED-Z GRA

Could you tell us, how your team was created?

Everything has begun in the autumn 2010. After two-weeks trainings team Red-Z managed to win the 2nd place in the Uranus Championship. The championship showed that the team is not perfect and we need to train hard to achieve significant results.  After that we have opened recruitment into our team for players who wanted more than just play for fun and wanted to train and become pro players. Not all of the players passed the requirements, but those who did – become part of GRA team. We participate almost in all the championships and tournaments, practice regularly and this helped us to achieve our goals. 

General Info about the team: When did you start playing WOT, what did you play before? What are your favorite vehicles?

Svyatoslav 'Nuregre' Zharkov (CAP) – Played CS beta 5 (Participated in local town tournaments) WarCraft3 for fan, Lineage2. WOT addicted player since august 2010

Andrew 'Rino_' Les (Troll).  - Started playing WOT week after the official release. Before that was playing  Navy Field and Counter-Strike 1.6. “I have found out from a newspaper, that a cyber-team needed players. After some negotiations I was accepted into team. My favorite vehicle is AMX 38.”

Dmitry 'Fnb' Matsnev "Negative" – Started from playing WOT since OBT. Before that was playing Soccer, CS, WarCraft almost as a professional.  “Two years ago I was accepted into clan The RED:Rush. Thanks to this clan I have participated in clan wars and tournament “Tanks League”. Half of the year I have spent in the team “PR-Unity”. But as I could not make it to the first tournament in Kiev, I decided to play only for fun. When the Ural Steel tournament was announced, I decided to participate in it only for fun. I have placed my CV on the forum, but only RED-GRA has accepted me. So my choice was obvious.

Ruslan  'LuciqueII' Ermakov - «paddock»  Played DOTA, LOL, Lineage 2; Plays WOT from the first day, Favorite vehicles  - MT and HT

Vladimir “_vov4ik” Motorikin – Tankoholic since  May 2011. Before that played Darkorbit, 11x11. Was looking for tank company and accidentally found team GRA [RED-Z]. “Unfortunately I did not make it to the team from the first time. After some time, I practiced a bit and applied once again. This time I was accepted into the team RED-Z and later moved to the team GRA Team 1. Favorite vehicles T32 and MT.

Yurij 'msYuRocK' Zubashevskij “Slow –killer” – Very calm and positive person. He was always interested in cyber sport. The first game was Warcraft III. Cyber games became more than just games when he came to the GRA team. The game has attracted him with realistic tanks and easy game play. Sometimes he does live-streams of his random games. Such videos are very useful for regular WOT players. “I play WOT for 23 month. I do not have favorite vehicles; I just like those which move fast. I was accepted into the clan Red-Z 9 month ago and played in 2 division on global map. When the team GRA_T2 was dissolved I went to the team GRA_T1 now known as GRA.

Ischuk Bogdan International64 «Noob» - Mature player, specializes on heavy tanks.

Tell us about the achievements of your team.

We have participated in different tournaments, leagues and championships (WG, ESL, Starladder, WCG, Logitech) We have won some of them and had a chance to evaluate ourselves to improve our skills.

Tell us about interesting battles you have experienced in the tournament.

Well, One of the best moments was the fight with RUSH team. Great team work made us the wines of the fight.

What do you think about your opponents? Do you follow their matches?

It is hard to evaluate our opponents before the finals. But I’m sure there will be great matches on the finals.

How do you train for the finals?

We have everyday practice and also we participate in the tournaments when we have time. Sometimes we do not have enough time for trainings so we have to improvise. But I;m sure we can show our best on the finals and visitors will like our games.  

What are you expecting from the finals?

Only victory.  =) New people, old friend, Positive emotions)