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URAL Steel: Interview with Red Sky (NA)

Team Red Sky


How long have you been playing WoT competitively?

If Clan Wars is "playing competitively" then... since the beginning? But we're more of a gaming family than strictly competitive team.

What games have you played before?

Our last major game before WoT was Navyfield.

How did the team come together?

Saw the "Win a trip to Russia" and thought 'That would be fun,' so we got some guys together who wanted to go.

How did you train?

Strats designed by committee, but shaped by practice.

What are your favourite vehicles?

Anything with a top speed over 30 that isn't instantly consumed by flames when shot.

What are your team statistics: team achievements - tournament wins, titles, awards etc?

No team statistics, but we'll all remember ruukil catching the 261 shell in the 50-2 in our fight against Team Curse...  But we do remember our achievements as a clan.

How did the team evaluate the qualifying rounds?

It was fun, playing against some of the best on our server.

What you can say about your opponents?

Some people take it way to seriously, some people not seriously enough.

List the most exciting matches and interesting battle moments.

The most exciting moments we will always remember is our backups almost being sick to their stomachs on the edge of their seats due to anxiety.

Rate and describe your performance in the qualifiers.

We did well, our emphasis on teamwork and knowing each others' strengths carried us through, not magic OP tanks or strategies.

What does the team think about its competitors from its region and from other regions?

Stereotypical American response: "What is 'rest of the world'...  We look forward to meeting and playing against tankers from Russia, China, SEA etc... WoT has really expanded in the last year, and we look forward to seeing how the other servers handle our tactics and how we handle theirs.

Do you follow your competitors’ games and are you aware of their progress, etc?

We've seen a few Russian teams on the streams, but only a few replays for the other regions.

How is the team preparing for the finals?

Drink, talk about our strategies and tank comp and drink some more.

What do you think about Ural Steel as a tournament?

We think that it is really cool that Wargaming holds a tournament like this and gives us a chance to visit foreign lands and shoot...err meet tankers from other countries.

What are your expectations for the final?

We expect to be in it and win it.

You may also add something of your own.
Red Sky is about playing games with people that we like to hang out with, over the years we have become friends, and family. We live and conduct ourselves by a simple code. We play with honor, and we fight hard, but in the end, we have fun. Any chance we get we TK our officers regularly.



NA-Server. 1/4 final. Red Sky vs. Team Curse