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URAL Steel: Interview with The Red: Rush Unity (RU)

Team The Red: Rush Unity

Can you tell how the team was formed?

In August 2011, following the announcement of 7x7 tournament format on European server «The RED: Rush Unity" team decided to verify the strength of European players in their own territory. It took a whole week to gear up the necessary equipment and vehicles for European server, and we started playing in ESL tournaments. There were around 20 players in the team that time, so we decided to divide it in two - RUSH1 (The RED: Rush1) and RUSH2 (The RED: Rush2), which later was renamed into the RR-Unity, which means The RED: Rush Unity.

Few words about players of your team: When have they started playing? What games did they play before? How the team gathered and which vehicles do they prefer?

Deddoctor I played WoW before; then WoT since its release; there are so many vehicles which I like, it depends on my mood and purposes.

Diver233: I played EVE-online, Quake, Counter Strike; started playing WoT since CBT (March 2010); I prefer playing on heavies and arty, and I like AMX 50-100 since last update.

LeBwa: I play since November 2010; and this is my first MMO-online game, and I prefer medium tanks most of all.

P0WERSL1DE: Counter Strike; play since CBT; I prefer French and medium tanks.

K23IEmelka: I played Lineage 2, Counter Strike, DOTA; I played WoT since December 2010; I like medium tanks most of all.

Kapp1: I played "Fight Club"; play WoT since release; medium and heavy tanks.

Arclit: I play since when I was 15; played Battlefield 2 seriously; I don’t have favorite vehicles.

las777vegas: I played “Fight Club” for 5 years and spent 7 years in Lineage 2; play WoT since May 2011; Object. 261 and t-50-2 are my favorite ones.

Tell us about the team achievements?

Our last year achievements:

  • Asus open summer — 1 place
  • Go4WoT ЕU weekly: 1st places — 17;  2nd places — 7;  3rd places — 2;
  • Go4WoT ЕU monthly:  1st places — 1; 2nd places — 2;  3rd places — 2;
  • GoCIS4WoT RU weekly: 1st places — 14;  2nd places — 2;  3rd places — 3;
  • GoCIS4WoT RU monthly: 1st places — 6;  2nd places — 3;  33rd places — 1;
  • ESL Major Series Season IX World of Tanks Playoffs — 3rd place.
  • ESL Major Series Season X World of Tanks Playoffs — 3rd place.
  • Premier League Season I — 2nd place;
  • Intel Challenge X Super Cup: World of Tanks — 2nd place.

What do you expect from the final?

Surely, we’re going for the 1st place, as any of the participating team, but there we shall see, the game will put everything in its right place.

How do you rate your opponents? Tell us about the most liked teams?

As usual it was a great fun to play against (УРФО), they played interesting matches in the final. We were very surprised by "Mammoth" that nearly won our first fight. Anyway, despite the fact that all the games we won "dry" - all battles were hard, we haven’t met any weak teams.

What do you think about your performance in the qualifiers?

We performed as we planned; we played good, but could play much better.

What do you think about your opponents? Do you follow their performances?

First of all we followed our clan-members «The RED Rush1», the TOP-1 team for the whole RU-region, and even for all tank servers, which surprisingly lost RED:GRA in the semi-final. It’s good for our team, that our main rivals were eliminated in the qualifiers, but it’s not good for the whole RU-server itself, as its most skillful team will not participate in the final.

Talking about our opponents from other servers— as usual, we highly appreciate the Poles, which we have repeatedly met in European tournaments. What concerns an Asian “dark horse” – as far as we know from personal experience that these guys shoot very accurately. Let's see how things are with the tactics. We also expect hard and interesting battles with RU server team - Virtus Pro.

How do you prepare for the finals?

Recently we have signed a contract with a company that acts as general partner of the team. In case of successful performance we will get additional prizes from them. Naturally, we have some additional motivation to play more efficiently. We are determined to win and will make an effort to make a nice performance in the tournament.