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URAL Steel: Interview with OM - Whitebeard (EU)

Team OM - Whitebeard

General information about team players: how long they’ve been playing WoT competitively, what they played before, how a team got together, how they train, etc.

Abusemeh and Scharthak started Team OM a while back just to see as a little fun with some good players in our community. Success came surprisingly fast but along the way we have had many obstacles including having to restructure the team quite a few times. Our team is far from ordered which means we not only have different players in both our WG and ESL teams which isn’t so bad in normal 14v14 but for 7v7 it helps considerably having the same set of 7-8 players  every week it but atleast it provides some amusement and confusion. Our team consists of players from the Odem Mortis Community. We seem to have made quite some impact in our community as we currently already have 7 teams for 7on7 competitions with rising success.
Abusemeh, Scharthak and Threton were our founding members back in January 2012. Crux, Laughter, Ykanji and Ogremage came in later that year with Incurably, Fabse and God_Runze as our latest additions in the end of June. Apart from Runze and Abusemeh, who played CS competitively before, and Laughter playing BF2, we have no other members that have played a game competitively even though all of us have played various games before. Our trainings are few and far between which is unfortunate as playing frequently together contributes significantly to success however the workloads from the recent tournaments is pretty high and we all have time issues because of work and studying; we are all humans and not machines like some teams :). But we still have a lot of fun together, which is the main point for playing games, after all.

Favourite vehicles

I think there are no favourite vehicles in our team, we play what we consider to be most suitable for the map. That varies from VK45, T32 and AMX15-100 and 2 Tier 1 scout tanks to lineups with 4 Scouts and 3 Artillerys for pretty open maps. But in generally we are using a good base of T32 as heavy tanks and AMX13-90 for scouting purposes. We are also known for using Bisons often, so that likely qualifies to be mentioned here as well.

Team statistics: team achievements - tournament wins, titles,awards etc.

Our team has won almost all european championships from Wargaming in the past (and many previous tournaments):

  • Super 6 Cup (T6, 14 players)
  • Mangled Metal (T10, 14 players)
  • Easy Eight Cup (T8, 7 players, 42 points)

If all goes well and luck is on our side, we might even win the first full Allstar Medal which means a lot to us. Furthermore we won the german qualifier for the World Cyber games during an offline event at Gamescom trade show and are the current German WCG WoT Champion. We will represent Germany in China at the end of November as members of the german WCG National Team. In addition to that we have won the first ESL Company Cup and are participating in the second one having won both qualification rounds we have also had several good placings in ESL Go4WoT cups.

How a team evaluates the qualifying rounds in its region: what you can say about your opponents, list the most exciting matches and interesting battle moments, rate and describe your performance in the qualifiers

We had our toughest battle in the quarter final on Prokhorovka against Team Mummy. It was not predictable what lineup they would choose and with their knowledge of our lineups and tactics it was never going to be easy. Our superior lineup won the first battle, and good timing in the second. But there were some other strong enemies like DWELL on the way to Russia which had to be played on ‘new maps’; like Ensk and Airfield. We were able to pass this challenge and finally made the qualification for Russia, which makes us really proud, especially since we did not lose a single round even against the good competitors, we consider ourselves lucky - regardless of ranking or success we are getting to travel the world.

What a team thinks about its competitors from its region and from other regions - whether they follow competitors’ games, aware of their progress, etc.

All teams who made their way through the qualifiers proved their strength and quality as a team. But I personally think that the Evil Panda Squad from Poland can be slightly over the top in their gamestyle, however they are one of the first teams who started playing competitive in Europe, and learned a lot during the time which makes them one of the best european teams. Furthermore Golden Hind as newcomer (although they have many experienced players) I would consider them the dark horse of this tournament. We are looking forward to meet them again on the battlefield. When it comes to other regions we are pretty much uninformed, to be honest. Apart from the RU server, where we know some teams from the EU WG and ESL events, we have not had any contact to other regions and therefore have not followed their progress or playstyle so far. This will change if there are going to be more worldwide events, though, because it is a big advantage to know what to expect from other teams beforehand in order to be properly prepared.

How our team prepares for the finals

We will start with brainstorming possible lineups for the maps. We will try to find some ideas how to play the maps differently with the same lineup of tanks. After that we will look for some training partners in our Community and try to test the ideas to figure “strengths and weaknesses” of them out. Then we try to make some progress while pointing out some basic stuff which was good and bad. We will gain some more tournament practice during Go4WoT on ESL as well to prepare for this event.

What we think about Ural Steel as the tournament

In our opinion Ural Steel is a great tournament where you can compare the experience and the progress of all teams in the world. It will be really interesting to see what tank lineups were developed on different servers. On the other side the maps will be played different too, what makes the complete tournament exciting. Personally I would preferred the tournament to be 14v14 like it was last year as the battles are far more exciting for both the players and spectators and ultimately that is what the game was designed for.

Expectations for the final

We are really looking forward to this event to meet the guys we already know from Cologne, Evil Panda Squad and Red:Rush, to have some beers (I pray the taxi drivers in Moscow don’t carry guns). But in regards to the matches we hope that we can show some good games to the visitors and maybe win some rounds. Everything else depends on the daily shape, and cannot be predicted (at least not from us), since competition is really going to be tough, especially with the russian teams and the unknown teams. Reaching half finals alone will be quite an achievement, but we are hoping for more, of course ;)

Abusemeh                                        Scharthak
Team Captain                                   Team Manager



EU-Server. 1/16 final. OM-Whitebeard vs. DRUCKWELLE--Thor.



EU-Server. 1/4 final. OM-Whitebeard vs. Team MUMMY.