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URAL Steel: Interview with New Star Team 1 (RU)

Questions were answered by Sergey «JustCauz» Osipenko, Pavel «Ali» Petakov, Eugene «GoodNight» Ermakov.

General information about team players: when have you started playing, what have you played before WoT, how did your team gather, what’s your favorite team and vehicles?

We have a medium skilled team, we have no ‘profy’ players, but we have the most important - we have the desire to get better and to win. Before tanks, our fighters professionally played in Quake 3, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. In WoT, we’ve played almost from the game release, but in different clans: RED-W, RED-Z, PRIDE. But later, we all were united by the NSTR clan, specifically ‘Omega’ Tank Company. TC of Field Commanders, you can call it this way. Our main specialization is warfare on the Global Map. And that we tried our forces in the tourney is more a matter of chance.  Speaking honestly, war on the Global Map gives no possibilities for a player to master his skills to professional level, what I cannot about the 7/42 format. In our opinion, this is the format of eSports future of the game.

Favorite vehicles:
For this tournament format American vehicles are the best. Pershing, tine T1 – this is all ours. We hope that with new vehicles coming in future these ‘old guys’ we still be a decent choice for the tornament.

Tell about game achievements:
- Our achievements list is not as big as we would like it to be, because we’ve started taking part in big tournaments. Well, some general information: we’ve started from the prize place in ‘Tank League’, afterwards we won in second season of AM Series (StarLadder), after we’ve passed to the Pro Series. We are really glad that we were noted and had opportunity to pass the Semi. Part of our teammates got the third place in the ‘Victory in Europe day’ tournament. Also we take part in GoCIS4WoT weekly and receive prize places there.

Captains statistics:
Our Captain – RestInPeace – is an indubitable veteran of the game. All in all 36 thousand battles speak by themselves. Rest many times proved that he deserves to be in Top-10 of RU server, winning in very difficult situations 1vs3. Of course, he is our commanding center and his gaming experience is enormous and he can always advice something that you have not known, but in the same time he gives each teammate a possibility to take part in coordination of team strategies and tactic decisions. I think that this dynamics in command battles is our strongest part.

How to you evaluate skill of your competitors? Tell us about opponents you’ve liked the most. Also what do you think about your level on qualifiers?

Well, we had a rather easy tournament grid. And we entered the tournament with not the best performance. We’ve passed till 1/8 finals without any problems, but afterwards we had to work at 200%. Of course, the game we will always remember, is a semifinal with Synergy-A. We were very nervous and performed not exactly as we intended to. We think that our opponents suffered from the same problem, thus battles were hilarious. Also we would like to mention The Aces: Sharpy Junk team, who we faced in 1/8 battle.  Guys had a very strong team, but seems that they lacked experience in this format. Nevertheless, we played 5 battles as even competitors.

How is the team preparing for the Ural Steel finals?

Responsibility before our sponsors made us rework our position on trainings. Now we dedicate more time to theoretical preparations and analysis of our game, working on mistakes – both tactic and individual.

How do you evaluate skill of your competitors? Have you followed their battles and progress?
All competitors, without any doubts, are very serious opponents. It’s not easy to get to Ural Steel finals. In the same time we do understand that level of play within post-USSR countries is much higher than in other places of the world. But we do not expect easy win and attentively study opponents’ strategies.

What do you think about Ural Steel as a tournament?
It’s the biggest and the most anticipated WoT tournament with large prize pool and serious organization. Exactly such events stimulate game developing as an eSport. First of all, without such championships you cannot speak about eSports part of World of Tanks. Secondly, specifically the availability of professional teams helps to move the game to the next level. I would even say, that it helps to increase the auditory

What do you expect from the finals?

We want fair play, interesting and intense battles. Of course, we would like to chat with fellow tankers from other countries, share experiences, and of course, test our powers. Also, we badly want to receive SerB’s autograph.