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URAL Steel: Interview with Devil Team (CHN)


Please note that: the team “War trafficker” has changed their name to ”Devil Team”

Interviewee: Team leader-Feitienan /Lei Hou:










Team Devil Team General Information

Devil Team members are all from Beijing, has been showing excellent performance in recent tournament like “Super Cup Tournament”, S2 etc. Some members used to be professional players in CS professional club.

Player 1: Feitienan /Lei Hou – team leader Aries, skilled in T110E5 AMX50B, likes to do things in a simple but “crude “way

Player 2: V 灬灬BB /BAI LI,LEO, good at T110E5 Object261. Used to be the member of WNV, has strong awareness for battle and an all rounder.

Player 3: YoungPioneer/ Zhezhi Wu, Sagittarius, skilled at E100 T110E5 and always likes to be at the front line. Where there is a war, there he will be .

Player 4: LlyoD_310/Junning Bil, Capricorn, skilled at T110E5, the “Mascot” of the team, likes to ask for help during battles.

Player 5: BlackCrowes/ Xiangdong Liu, Libra, skilled at  T110E5 Chatillon25t . Nick name “eyes of the war”

Player 6: Mantou/ Xiaobo Shi, Scorpio, skilled at T110E5 Chatillon25t and other medium tanks.

Player 7:V灬灬OP/ Chao Li, Taurus, skilled at T110E5, likes to lift team members out of tough moments.

Player 8: r4ida/ Jia Guo, Taurus, skilled at T110E5, E100, Object261, used to be CSER, Nickname”tman”, which means too slow.


Q: how long they’ve been playing WoT competitively, what they played before, how a team got together, how they train, etc.

A: We’ve grouped together and attended the “Super cup ” tournament since 2012,the former team named Kingwarrior, which was grouped by Beijing local people. Usually ,we use YY (online voice communication platform) to contact and command team members.

Q: Favorite vehicles?

A: if the top tier tanks allowed, we like BatChatillon25t,T110E5,M48A1,AMX50B, Object261, Chatillon155 etc.  For the 42 level match, we ‘d like to choose the AMX1390,AMX50100,T-50-2 and other tanks with the similar functions .

Q: What achievements have the team made before?

A: We’ve been the 2nd place of CN1 in KONGARENA 2012 Supercup Season4 Wargaming, and also the 2nd place of CN1 in Uralsteel Invitational tourmanent, we fight for glory not rewards! I believe you ‘ll be deeply impressed by our team ,and please remember my English name “Tuck”

Q: what you can say about your opponents, list the most exciting matches and interesting battle moments, rate and describe your performance in the qualifiers?

A: The most competitive team of CN1 inculding :EATA (leader-Skyfox),Carcraft (leader-lafeng, they have visited Minsk before), Eato (leader Excaibur). As for the most impressive match, I think is the final with Carcraft,we’ve defeated by them in the team round-robin.

Q: What a team thinks about its competitors from its region and from other regions - whether they follow competitors’ games, aware of their progress, etc.

A: If your team fail to make progress, it’s definitely you’ll be surpassed by your competitors , we also have the sense of crisis, like the competitor EATO is rising now

Q: How a team prepares for the finals?

A: We usually conduct training via the guild, besides the strategy, we emphasize the team work in the venue , in other words, it decides by godJ

Q: What they think about Ural Steel as the tournament?

A: It’s our pleasure to compete with global top player, this is also the first time we stand for the China to attend the global tournament .

Q: Expectations for the final?

A: The largest motivation for us is to conquer the SEA, and I also want to remind the SEA team, don’t be eliminated in the group stage, we’re expecting the competition with you!



Final. СN1 Devil Team vs. Hyun Warfare Night Cat:

1st Battle:


2nd Battle:


3rd Battle: