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URAL Steel: Interview with D-DAY (CHN)

Interviewee: Team leader-0571t99

Team D-DAY General Information

As the united fighting force, most members once participated in the final of “super cup tournament” in the second half year of 2011, especially for Team member 0571t99, who is a famous commander in the CN 2. With his help, the team finally won the 2nd place.

Player 1: 0571t99/Yujin Xie, Capricorn, skilled at Chatillon25t IS-7 T-54 T110E5. The team took part in the final of “super cup tournament” many times, attributing to his command, especially in the “cross border tournament”

Player 2: andyylj/ Nengjie Ye, Scorpio, good friend of  0571t99, skilled at IS-7 T110E5 and seizing opportunities, known as the best T1 driver.

Player 3: Lancerex/ Haiwei Chen, Scorpio, former team leader of D-day, die-hard fan of TPS. Skilled at AMX50100.

Player 4: Zealot /QianWang, Leo, skilled at T110E5, once destroyed 5 tanks in a tournament.

Player 5: Tiger127/ Dihu Jin, Sagittarius, skilled at heavy tank, especially Tiger.

Player 6: MLGB/ Caixu Jiang, Aries, skilled at Object261, new rising SPG star

Player7: GlobeGlory/ Yi Zhang, Scorpio, skilled at Chatillon25t, T110E5, AMX50B

Player8: ShadowAssassin/ Lei Cai, Sagittarius, all rounder. As the tournament all star player, he likes to drive Chatillon25t and can be assigned to any position.


Q: How long the team has been playing WoT competitively, what they've played before, how the team got together, how do they train, etc.

A: Our team member’s are all old players, attended the WOT tournament one year ago. They were once the players of other military genre games. After the release of WOT, we group together and train weekly .

Q: Favorite vehicles?

A: BatChatillon25t, because it’s powerful and easy to control .

Q: What achievements have the team made before?

A: CN2 championship of 2011 Nanjing tournament; CN2 Championship of 2011 “super cup ” final tournament ; runner-up of 2012 final tournament ; Cn2 Championship of Ural steel  

Q: What the team thinks about its competitors from its region and from other regions - whether they follow competitors’ games, aware of their progress, etc.

A: We like challenge and also enjoy the competition sensation. We also want to find out who is the global top team :P . We respect our opponents, while without any fears. We think all of us are making progress along side the version updates.

Q: How the team prepares for the finals?

A: All the attendees are the top players around the world. I was much impressed by the furious competition with “ban wan liang fen” for the 3rd round of the semi-final. Our SPG was almost exposed to the opponents but thank god, we finally won the title. I think the previous performance is perfect, combining skills and fortune together.

Q: What do they think about Ural Steel as a tournament?

A: It’s a big party for world players and also a visual feast to global players. We think we can make a stunning achievement!

Q: Expectations for the final?

A: Hope Chinese team can win the title finally!



Final. СN2. D-DAY vs. SouthWest Cavalry:

1st Battle:

2nd Battle: