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URAL Steel Championship 2011, American Team

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In 2011, three groups of Tank Commanders, each representing the different servers – North America, Europe and Russia, ousted dozens of other teams to earn the rights to represent their regions in the URAL Steel Championship Finals held at the Izmailovo Sports Palace in the eastern district of Moscow, Russia.

The North American server was represented by 3 gaming clans – Angels of Death, Red Sky and Wolves. The European server was represented by 1SBP, 1stPAD, and Pirates and the Russian server who was competing on their home ground sent a total of six teams to participate in the Finals. The clans were [RED] Rush the middle, [RED-B] Baikal, [STAL4] Centurion, RED-E: Pz, TK Border, and Unti. 

To ensure that they were at the top of their game for the Finals, the North American team Angels of Death was said to have practised every day for six consecutive weeks in order to hone their skills and coordinate impeccable teamwork amongst the clan members. They were not going to leave anything up to chance.

The tournament format comprised of three divisions, with each division representing a different size class: heavy (tier 10/140 points), medium (8/90), and light (6/60). Despite several setbacks faced by the team, one of which was having to assemble tanks, crews and consumables etc. on a Russian client, they overcame all adversities to emerge victorious in the medium division for the semi-finals. However, their victory was short-lived for they were defeated by one of the Russian teams during the Finals. Team Red Sky and Wolves were to share the same fate.

The strategy which the Russian team deployed for the Ruinberg map was apt and well suited for battles in a city. They focused their forces in a heavy attack through the city and picked off scattered troops of the opposition they came into contact with. The weakened units would fall back behind the stronger units who would continue to push onward with brute force.

The tactics deployed by the North American team were much different from the Russians. Their strategy was centred on using artillery to break up the focused Russian attack before rushing through the weakened defences of the enemy. In spite of their efforts, it would appear the brute force triumphed over all at the end of the day.

The Russians came out on top finishing first place for the three divisions with the European Pirates trailing behind with one second place finish. The North American teams scored three fourth place finishes.

Although the North American team expressed disappointment in not winning the tournament, they were pleased with the opportunity of being treated to a tour of the city, taking in amazing sights such as the St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, Lenin’s Tomb and getting up close and personal with numerous tanks from the game at the Kubinka tank museum outside Moscow. The museum is home to nearly 300 tanks, armoured cars, self-propelled guns, an armoured train, and some very big tanks such as the IS-7 and the vaunted Maus. It was no doubt, a memorable experience for the players that will be carried into their lives and remembered fondly.

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Start training hard now and we’ll see you at the finish line.

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