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URAL Steel 2012: Quarter Finals Results

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Tank Commanders,

The Finals are finally drawing near! 8 teams have been whittled down to 4 based on a race to 3 format. Below, you can find the team setup and the results of the Quarter Finals.

  • Red Sky 1:3 The RED-Z GRA
  • Golden Hind 0:3 The RED: Rush Unity
  • Evil Panda Squad 1:3 Virtus.PRO Aces
  • Devil Team  0:3 OM - Whitebeard

Semi-Finals team setups are as follows:

First semi-finals:

The RED: Rush Unity vs Virtus.PRO Aces

Second semi-finals:

OM - Whitebeard vs The RED-Z GRA

Things are really heating up here and the crowds are not dissipating anytime soon. We've just uploaded some pictures of the event to our World of Tanks SEA Facebook page, so check them out!

First semi-final:

The RED: Rush Unity


Virtus.PRO Aces

Second semi-final:

OM - Whitebeard



it will start at 16:45 (Moscow time, 14:45 UTC)