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World of Tanks Update 8.9 - Raze the Battle Grounds with German TDs

Tank Commanders!

Update 8.9 is now LIVE! And new German tank destroyers are in town! Add them to your garages and familiarise yourself with crucial new strategies before the enemy does. Also, have a look at the in-game shop. We have been informed that new Chinese premium vehicles have been sighted there!

While downloading your update, gain intelligence on what to expect for Update 8.9:

NEW! Game Mode: Team Battles

A new game mode 'Team Battles' will be making its way into the game in this update. Watch the video for a tutorial on how to play the new game mode:


Please note that the sale of the T26E4 Super Pershing for gold will cease with the 8.9 update.

Conquer battles in World of Tanks with new rides in Update 8.9!

Read on for more details of rebalanced tanks, optimized maps and other changes:

How to Download the 8.9 Update

If you have already installed World of Tanks, all you have to do is start the game launcher and let the client automatically update by itself. Otherwise, you can download the 8.9 game client from the following links:


Download World of Tanks

New Map: Northwest


Cruise around the new North American map and put your strategy skills to the test with a terrain that mixes both nature and country-side architecture.

New Branch of German Tank Destroyers

The 8.9 update will be welcoming a new branch of German Tank Destroyers comprising of 7 new vehicles ranging from tiers IV to X: Marder III (tier IV), Pz.Sfl.IVc (tier V), Nashorn (tier VI), Pz.Sfl.V (Sturer Emil) (tier VII), Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger (tier VIII), Waffenträger auf Pz.IV (tier IX) and Waffenträger auf E 100 (tier X).


Click here to view the renders of German tank destroyer Nashorn (tier VI) in different resolutions.

Chinese Premium Tanks Added to In-Game Shop

VIII T-34-3
VIII 112

New Chinese and Japanese Premium Tanks (Gift Shop)

For the first time in World of Tanks, a Japanese tank is available and it’s the Type-3 Chi-Nu Kai! It is the last tank produced by Japan during WWII, and the first we offer to players, a perfect way to prepare for the future Japanese Tank line!

Tier V Japanese Medium Tank Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai

Tier VI Chinese Light Tank Type 64

Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Claim the battle's upperhand by using the element of surprise ― with new tanks!

These Asian premium tanks can be found in the Premium Gift Shop.


Improvements to Existing Content

Besides the addition of a new map and tanks, Update 8.9 will also be making improvement on existing content such as:

  • Changes to vehicle parameters. Full list of changes can be found here.
  • Optimized maps: "Swamp" and "Erlenberg".
  • Added Encounter battle mode to "Erlenberg".
  • Improved battle statistics and more...

Golden Joystick Awards 2013 Victory

To celebrate our victory for ‘Best MMO in 2013’ category for the prestigious Golden Joystick Awards, all players will be credited with an American Light Tank Level 2 T7 Combat Car. It will be added to your account, along with a slot in the garage during the 8.9 update. All you need to do is to download the update and log into the game.

Please note that only players who have registered prior to 8.9 update release will receive the tank.

You can check out the full review the 8.9 release notes here.