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Update 8.8 Preliminary Patch Notes

Tank Commanders!

Here is a list of the features and changes that will be implemented on the 8.8 public test server.

These are preliminary patch notes and do not include the full details of all changes. The full list will be available upon the release of the 0.8.8 patch.

List of changes between versions 8.8 version #3 and 8.8 version #2

  • Added compensation for the engines of E-50 and E-75:
    • If user had Maybach HL 295 Ausf. A engine researched (it is mounted on E-50 and E-75), then 25 000 free experience points will be added to the account of user.
    • If user had Maybach HL 295 Ausf. A engine in the depot or it was mounted on E-50 and E-75, then these engines will be sold with the purchase price. Accruals will be added to the account of user.
  • Decreased delays when a new “Service Record” window is opened.
  • Fixed the way some medals are displayed in service record window.
  • Fixed some bugs with chat windows opening/closing.
  • Fixed game client crash issue during attempt to set antialiasing type “2x” for standard graphics.
  • Fixed the issue with shells amount reset when checkmarks were set in the window “Service”.
  • Fixed some bugs with missions window and missions section in the after-battle statistics window.


List of changes between versions 8.8 version #2 and 8.8 version #1

  • Fixed multiple errors and freezes in the new achievements window.
  • Fixed multiple errors in the combat missions window.
  • Fixed severe performance drawdown in the combat missions window.
  • Fixed some bugs in the special battles window.
  • Fixed some bugs in the company battles window.
  • Removed the ability to jump (flight glitch) when driving into some objects.
  • Fixed some bugs in the rendering of new base flags.
  • Fixed the shadows displayed (under the tanks) in the hangar.
  • Applied fixes for the balancer (not included in the first test patch 0.8.8).
  • Fixed the problem with game client "crashes" that appeared during the first Test 0.8.8.
  • Fixed the inability to start a battle on some tanks.
  • Fixed an issue with participation in random battle types (Assault and Encounter battle), which were turned off.
  • Fixed several mistakes in the Sound settings interface.
  • Fixed the issued with gold shells switching after displaying the "Updating modules" cogwheel in the service window.
  • Fixed the inability of switching to the Service window by clicking on the shells icons after leaving a platoon, tank company or special battle.
  • Fixed the absence of color identification of platoon-mates on the loading map screen.
  • Fixed the symbol "doubling" issue in chat after their detachment.
  • Fixed a cogwheel displaying instead of Battle results screen (found in some cases).
  • The sound of Object 140's gunshot was fixed.
  • Increased the terrain crossing capacity for E-75 on soft and medium terrain.
  • Low performance on "Serene Coast" map was fixed.
  • Fixed several problems with icons in the Store and Depot display.
  • Removed the color changes in the British desert camouflage.
  • Fixed the damage model of the Super Pershing tank (widened the reinforced line of the front armor hull front plate).
  • Fixed some errors in tanks names and icon visualization in the loading screen.
  • Fixed the "freezes" occurring in the garage with many vehicles.
  • Fixed some errors of the visual models of Т-44-122 and Type 64.
  • Fixed some errors of the «Swamp», «Karelia», «Airfield», and «Tundra» maps.
  • Returned the old logic of ammo slider box functionality in the Service window.
  • Changed the calculation formula of the global rating.
  • Fixed the omission of the pop-up window for acquiring «Elite» status on a vehicle.

List of changes between versions 8.8 version #1 and 8.7

These notes do not include every change that will appear with the 8.8 Update. A more comprehensive list of specific changes will be made available prior to the release of the 8.8 Update.

Map Updates

  • New Map: Tundra, a rocky Soviet-inspired map
  • Serene Coast returns
  • Komarin returns
  • Swamp returns
  • Added Encounter mode for Mountain Pass

New Soviet Medium Tanks

  • А-43: tier VI (will be a continuation of T-34)
  • А-44: tier VII
  • Object 416: tier VIII
  • Object 140: tier X (temporarily will be a continuation of T-54)

New German Vehicles

  • Heavy tank Durchbruchswagen 2: tier IV
  • Medium tank VK 30.02 (M): tier VI

German Tank Changes

  • Tank VK 30.01(H) transferred from tier VI to tier V and from medium to heavy 
  • Tank VK 36.01(H) transferred from medium to heavy

Test Tanks*

  • Chinese light tank Type-64: tier VI
  • Japanese medium tank Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai: tier V
  • Soviet medium tank Т-44-85: tier VII
  • Soviet medium tank Т-44-122: tier VII
  • Chinese medium tank Т-34-3: tier VIII
  • Chinese heavy tank 112: tier VIII

*Vehicles are only available to Super Testers

Vehicle Changes

  • Rebalanced the T26E4 SuperPershing tank. If already in the Garage before the 8.8 Update, players can sell the tank back for the full Gold value. The updated tank has been added to the Store
  • For Chinese tanks, the penetration of the HEAT shell of the Po-471 122mm guns has been changed from 300mm to 250mm
  • Changed the engine characteristics of the following German vehicles: Е-50, E-75, Jagdpanther, Jagdpanther II, Jagdtiger, Panther II, Panther, Tiger, Tiger II, VK 28.01
  • Increased the damage but decreased rate of fire, for Soviet 100mm guns: LB-1, D-10Т, D-10С, LB-1С
  • Corrected some errors with the E-100, SU-76b visual models

Interface Updates

  • Significantly expanded the functionality of Missions. An interface with descriptions and current Mission status has been added to the client
  • Added protection against the accidental selling of tanks
  • Significantly improved the quality of FXAA anti-aliasing
  • Completely reworked the statistics and achievement page. Changed the way players’ global rating is calculated

Gameplay Updates

  • Added new voice-overs for each nation’s crews. A crew of a particular nation speaks in their native language. Can be switched on in the Settings menu
  • Fixed some problems with matchmaker which appeared in 8.6 and were not addressed in version 8.7
  • When enhanced torsion is mounted (all types) the damage to the tank chassis is reduced, as well as the damage of the tank itself when ramming or falling
  • When ones team is defeated and you get one of the Battle Hero, Epic, or Platoon achievements, players will get х1.5 Credits and XP (as if they were on the winning team)
  • Multiple fixes and improvements applied to the Battle Tutorial
  • Changed the rules for determining who caused ramming damage to team mates. The faster moving tank is now responsible
  • Implemented an option to move the crew members in and out of a damaged tank
  • Implemented new option to switch on inversion while reverse maneuvering: now when reversing and pressing the button to turn in a certain direction your tank will move in the indicated direct, and not the opposite
  • Spall liners now reduce the chance of crew damage: light - 20%, medium - 25%, heavy - 30%, super heavy - 50%
  • Settings for main/reserve in the Garage are now stored on the server and not within the client
  • Autoaiming can now be disabled without moving the reticle off of the locked tank
  • Changed the models of flags and flagpoles for all maps
  • Added the ability to scroll the list of the enemy team members in the "Personal Score" tab in the battle results statistics window
  • Added automatic shooting when one presses and holds the fire button
  • Added a warning for incorrect characters when entering a password for the login window
  • Removed the Dismiss option from the menu that appears when right-clicking a crewman's portrait in the Garage
  • Detailed description for activated and passive consumables have been added
  • A link to "Recover Password” has been added to the login window when entering an invalid password
  • Reworked some special effects
  • Fixed some bugs in the after battle statistics window
  • Improved the logic of closing the interface windows by pressing "Esc" button
  • Added new type of visual effects for cumulative projectile ricochets
  • Changed the logic of the "sliders" in the Service window

This information may be subject to change until final release!