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Update 8.7 Preliminary Patch Notes [Update]

General News
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Tank Commanders!

Here is a list of the features and changes that will be implemented on the 8.7 public test server.

List of changes between versions 8.7 test #2 and 8.7 test #1

  • Fixed the T-50-2 tank conversion error. Now the equipment from T-50-2 transferred to the depot and the remaining modules (turret, suspension) are sold by a purchasing price.
  • Fixed some errors and mistakes on the “Belogorsk-19” and “Highway” maps.
  • Changed the icon in the Battle Score Panel for the Bishop SPG
  • Changed the price for the E-25 Premium TD. Now it costs 6700 gold.
  • Switched off the Assault mode on the Westfield and Malinovka maps.
  • Corrected errors in the ‘Sniper’ and ‘Lucky’ achievements receiving description.
  • Fixed collision-models of some buildings and object.

List of changes between versions 8.7 test #1 and 8.6

  • Added the new branch of SPGs in the British tech tree:
    • Loyd Gun Carriage (2 tier);
    • Birch Gun (3 tier);
    • Sexton II (4 tier);
    • Bishop (5 tier);
    • Crusader 5.5-in. SP (6 tier);
    • FV304 (7 tier);
    • FV207 (8 tier);
    • FV3805 (9 tier);
    • Conqueror Gun Carriage (10 tier).
  • Added a new Soviet light tank MT-25 (6 tier) as the replacement of T-50-2. After the patch owners of T-50-2 instead of this tank will get MT-25.
  • Added for testing the following tanks and provided them to supertesters:
    • Sexton I – British premium SPG (4 tier).
    • Т-34-3 – Chinese premium medium tank (8 tier).
  • Added a German premium TD E-25 to the Store (7 tier).
  • Rebalanced the tank T-50 (the detailed list of changes will be prepared before the patch release).
  • Added a new map “Belogorsk-19” (USSR, winter, partial building planning)
  • Reworked the maps “Highway” and “Port” for the new render.
  • Added changes to the mode “Assault” on the map Malinovka.
  • Reworked and adjusted some special effects.
  • Fixed several destructible objects, which significantly slow down the speed of the tank.
  • Fixed and improved visual models of some ambient objects.
  • Fixed some bugs in the team balance system, which appeared after the release of the update 0.8.6.
  • Extended the list of names and surnames of crew members of all nations.
  • The voice message “We've got them” replaced with “Armour is penetrated!”.

This information may be subject to change until final release!