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World of Tanks Update 8.6 - GG. It's the SPGs!

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Tank Commanders!

We're excited to announce that Update 8.6 is now up and running and players can now log into World of Tanks to experience the latest content to be introduced into the game.

GG. It's the SPGs!

In the last update, fans of the light and medium tanks had a lot to cheer about with the introduction of new Soviet light tanks (T-60, T-70 and T-80) and German medium tanks (Leopard 1, VK 20.01 (d). VK 30.01 (d), Aufkl.Panther, Indien-Pz, Leopard PT A and Leopard I). Today's 8.6 update will have SPG fanatics up in a frenzy for we'll be introducing Tier X into the SPG line and welcoming a slew of new vehicles into the family. The tech tree will also be reworked to balance out the line with the addition of the top tiers.

The new update will bring further changes and balance to the in-game economy, mechanics of High Explosive Anti-Tank shells and the accrual of experience. It will also give rise to a new map based in Korea and show off a new premium British medium tank, the A33 Excelsior.

Mainly, Update 8.6 is a major step in game balance enhancement and we're really looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of it. Log in now to experience the changes for yourself and let us know what you think.

Roll Out!

How to Download the 8.6 Update

If you have already installed World of Tanks, all you have to do is start the game launcher and let the client automatically update by itself. Otherwise, you can download the 8.6 game client from the following links:


Download World of Tanks

What's New in Update 8.6?


Together with the SPG tech tree being pushed up to Tier X, the line will also undergo some tweaks to balance out existing and new SPGs which will be joining in the arsenal. The current Tier VIII SPGs will be promoted to Tier X, while the newly introduced SPGs will take their place in the middle tiers. The American tech tree will be bolstered with M44 and M53/55 artillery units, while the Soviet line will be filled out with SU-122A and SU-14-1. The German tech line will be strengthened with three machines: 10.5 GW Mk.IV(e), Pz.Sfl.IVb, and G.W.Tiger (P). Lastly, the French will receive AMX Obusier automoteur de 105 and Bat.Chatillon155 (55) artilleries, bringing the total of fresh faced self-propelled guns to nine. SPG fans will not be disappointed.

[AMX Obusier automoteur de 105]
[Bat.Chatillon155 (55)] 

[M44] [M53/55]
[GW 10.5 CM Mk. IV(e)] [GW 21CM]

[Pz. Sfl.IVb]


The British tech tree will be ushering in a new premium British medium tank in this update - the A33 Excelsior. The A33 has good armour and hit points which gives it a great survivability on the battlefields. It's quite similar to the T14 but it has a slightly better rate of fire, aim time higher accuracy. Its 38 degrees-per-second traverse speed makes it the best maneuvering Premium Tier V tank in comparison to other standard medium tanks. With an excellent default view range that is higher than some Tier VII and VIIIs, this is one premium tank that is worth to have in your garage.


New map Sacred Valley which is based in Korea will see the light of day in this update and boasts spacious terrains to roam while also providing ample cover for your new SPGs to snipe surreptitiously from. If you're looking for a change of environment, be sure to try out this map to get a breath of fresh air in the land of the morning calm.

Existing maps, Murovanka, Widepark and Airfield will be getting a breath of new life as graphics have been reworked and improved upon so be sure to get in there and soak in the incredible sights.


This update will also see many changes to certain aspects of the game, the main objective being to balance and iron out current inconsistencies. These include:

  • Changes in visibility mechanism
  • Changes  in mechanics of High Explosive Anti-Tank shells
  • Changes to the accrual of experience
  • Changes in Economy

The complete list of the Update 8.6 Notes can be found here.