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Update 8.4 Screenshots

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Can’t get enough of the new tanks in Update 8.4? If you were just about to trawl the internet for more desktop worthy images of those impressive behemoths to show off as your wallpaper, then you can shelf that thought right now. Get a load of this collection of screenshots of the new British and Soviet tank destroyers as well as the German light tanks in our Media section now and you can start to wallpaper them right away on your desktop, Facebook, blog etc.


Screenshots available for download:

British Tank Destroyers German Light Tanks Soviet Tank Destroyers
  • Alecto
  • AT 2
  • AT 7
  • AT 8
  • FV215(183)
  • Gun Carrier Churchill
  • A39 Tortoise
  • Universal Carrier QF 2
  • Panzer I
  • Panzer II Ausf. G
  • SU-100Y