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Tier 1 in Charge Event

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Tank Commanders,

If you're looking for something to challenge yourself then look no further for we have the perfect event for you! Higher tiers, step aside and make way for Tier 1 tanks. Tis the time for Tier 1 tanks to shine once again so whip out your Tier 1 tanks and get ready to rumble.

Strive to earn an Invader achievement during a battle and you could snag yourself a cool 5,000 gold. New Tank Commanders are most welcome to join in the fun and it's a great chance to win some gold as all tanks used in the event will be restricted to Tier 1. 

Tier 1 Tanks ROLL OUT!

Tier I in Charge Event

Event Start: 13 November, 2012 (Tuesday) @ 00:01 UTC+8 (12 November, 2012 @ 16:01 UTC)

Event End: 25 November, 2012 (Sunday) @ 23:59 UTC+8 (15:59 UTC)


Participation Requirements:

  • Players are required to earn the Invader achievement in a random battle.
  • Players are to take a screenshot of the personal score screen with the mouse hovering over the Invader achievement and send it to to take part.
  • Email title should be in the following format: Tier 1 in Charge. The email text should contain the screenshot (Attachment) and IGN.

Note: Submissions without the above mentioned information will be disqualified.

Event Details:

  • Event is open to all Tier 1 tanks
  • Entries with the highest/ most experience will win.
  • Premium experience bonus counts but double EXP for first victory of the day will not be considered into the score.
  • In the event of a draw, the players involved will receive the same amount of gold for their placing.


1st place - 5,000
2nd place - 3,000
3rd place - 2,000