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TanksAsia Season One Interviews: ISG

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Tank Commanders,

By now, you may have already known about the results for the TanksAsia Masters Season 1 Grand Finals. If you haven't, we strongly urge you to remedy this by reading the recap of the Finals - but if you have, we are sure you are eager to learn what they have to say about the experience.

This part is about team ISG, and their thoughts about the tournament, as well as the grand finals.

(Team Captain)

 ISG_Monoceros black4 Griftz Elite Hobbes00
Nikolai69 ISG_Nisa ISG_SeahChye iamsodamsian

How did you feel about emerging from the groups?

At first we didn't expect to get straight into the finals. We were really surprised to emerge from the groups. We thought we would have to fight in the Playoffs, and we were prepared to do that especially when we fought against ANUBIS Empire in Week 9. If not for Elite carrying the team when we fought on Himmelsdorf, we probably wouldn't have made it to the finals.

Tell us more about yourself and the team members.

'Deathskyz' was actually the IGN I used in Navyfield. I used to play Aircraft Carriers so... I'm looking forward to World of Warships. Anyway, our team was formed in late 2012 as a team to participate in the WCG 2012 SG Qualifiers. We managed to defeat the 2 SNTR teams and went to China to compete in the Grand FInals. We didn't fare well against The Red RUSH and her sister team as well as the Chinese team Waveknight. But we did win against the British, French and Thai teams. After WCG we decided to take a step further and participate more actively in tournaments. When TanksAsia came out, we took the chance immediately. My entire team is from Singapore and we actually meet up pretty often for trainings and hangouts in LAN cafes, as well as occasional trips to our Secret Bunker.

What's your slogan/motto?

Officially it's 'At the heart of Armoured Warfare', but I have a personal motto as Field Commander that goes, 'If I have no idea what I'm doing, the enemy won't predict my future actions'.

How often do you guys play the game or practice together?

Some of us play the game everyday, some not as much. But we train anywhere from four times to once a week.

So, about the tournament; How do you feel about coming in second place?

I'm actually quite happy to get second place in the tourney. It was a very good fight with PVP. Besides, the dinner with PVP was much more enjoyable. Like Nisa stealing all the meat before Antare could get it. Or Nisa failing to cut a pizza. And the Nisa-Dustin relationship. With such good Super Friends like the PVP, I feel that the best memories is not the fight itself, but rather the celebrations from PVP when they won and the previous night's dinner.

How prepared were you guys before the tournament?

Not as prepared as PVP. We could only study PVP tactics when they fought Team Efficiency as they did not participate in the Masters for a couple of weeks. Studying their old tactics would be pointless as we received tips from Team Efficiency that they changed strats. We could only rely on our rehearsed tactics which I am sure PVP was able to counter, although our tactics still put up a good fight and is still viable. We are probably going to change it.

What do you think of TanksAsia as a whole?

TanksAsia is a pretty good tourney. It has given us some publicity which is enjoyable. However IMHO it does promote camping as well; defending is way easier than attacking, as winning is pretty much everything. Teams will do anything to win. And to spectators it does seem boring. A prime example would be the Abbey fight. Replayed 4 times it was intense for both teams but probably utter boredom to other viewers who have no idea what is going on.

Did ISG encounter any difficulties during the course of the tournament? Did you expect to come so far?

One of the difficulties was the fact that we have never fought PVP Super Friends recently before the tourney. We could only rely on tips from Team Efficiency and the past replays of what they did. Furthermore during the tourney, I was actually on tilt after the Himmelsdorf loss. And Nisa was even more on tilt than me to take over battler caller duty. This led to our Abbey and Widepark match being played not as well as usual and we were more agitated.

What would you expect from future tournaments?

I would expect more prepared and tougher teams to fight. With TanksAsia Season 1 ending, I hope it would bring forth more new faces and teams. New teams means more new experiences. I look forward to new teams to train with. Especially local teams such as SNTR and OPFOR as they are good teams that have potential. With more practice I hope that there would be more SG teams.

Anything you wish to say to the opponents you will be facing in future?

Don't be discouraged by failure and losses. Take stock of how you lost and why you lost. Furthermore, revise your strategy. Do you need to change it? Or was the execution not carried out as planned? If you need to change it, make sure your team knows what they are and why they are being changed. Remember, your team needs to see the big picture and not just blindly follow orders from the Battle Caller. Also, find out what your players are good at. Tier 1 tanks are very important as well. Some of your players can't play autoloaders, some prefer single shots. Some are good in T1s. Have them play what tanks they are best at.

Thanks, ISG.