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Summer is Coming...

Dear Tank Commanders,

With the onset of summer, temperatures are expected to climb and school will be out for the summer holidays. But while temperatures outside are rising, things will be heating up in World of Tanks as well for we have some major events in store to keep you occupied for the summer. Here is a list of activities that you can expect to see during this period:

World of Tanks SEA to ASIA


First and foremost, one of the most important events that will be happening in June is the transition of World of Tanks SEA to ASIA. This change means that World of Tanks SEA has grown from the initial start-up in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines to include Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Japan to our areas of operation. Following this transition, World of Tanks will continue to grow and expand our presence to other regions in Asia. Currently, we are looking into expanding into Hong Kong and Indonesian markets to offer the players in those regions better localised support and the best gaming experience possible.

Specials & Events


In conjunction with World of Tanks SEA’s transition to ASIA, we will be rolling out an amazing ASIA special and Gift Shop Special to celebrate this achievement. It’s our way of thanking you, the players, for your unwavering support towards World of Tanks SEA for the past year that has enabled us to grow the server cluster to cover Asia.

Together with the ASIA specials, there will be Heavies Specials and Tank Company Frenzy Events that will be on-going all the way until August as a lead up to our 15th Anniversary. Look out also for special holiday hangars along the way!

  • 31 May - 03 June: ASIA Special
  • 01 June - 10 June: ASIA Gift Shop Surprise
  • 01 June - 15 June: German Heavies Special
  • 15 June - 30 June: French Tank Destroyer Special
  • 14 June - 15 June: Tank Company Frenzy (AU/NZ/MY)
  • 21 June - 22 June: Tank Company Frenzy (PH/SG)
  • 28 June - 29 June: Tank Company Frenzy (TW/HK/TH)

But that’s not all! Besides these in-game events, we will be organising some new on-ground events in different regions of Asia, so players can get together and have fun over World of Tanks. Some of these events include PAX AU and the AU Cybercafé FREE PLAY & Challenge, our first ever events for this region as well as a new challenge for Singapore’s cybercafé events, where participants can attempt to overthrow the top clan in Singapore and claim the title for their own.

Update 8.6 & Update 8.7

Things will definitely be heating up in World of Tanks for we have not just one, but two updates to keep you fired up for the summer. These two updates will welcome 24 spanking new vehicles into the expansive collection of tanks and present you with fresh surroundings to soak your sights into in 3 new map offerings. Old maps will be reworked to enhance visuals and encounter mode will be introduced to 3 maps along with lots of other bug-fixes to further improve on the quality of the game. Players can expect to see a bigger and better variety of server-side events as we move forward with each update.

Clan Wars Campaign

A new era for Clan Wars has arrived in the form of Campaigns - a seasonal approach featuring special rules, incredible prizes and unique achievements. These large-scale events will take place throughout the year giving clans, both large and small, several opportunities to win their share of loot and glory.

The first campaign, Landlords will see light on 10th June so be sure to join in the throes of battle in Clan Wars for a shot at extraordinary rewards, such as the much coveted M60 tank!

TanksAsia Masters Season 1

The TanksAsia League kick started to an overwhelming 300 registered teams for Open Season and ended on a high note during the grand finals where we not only crowned the champion of the tournament, but were also treated to the biggest surprise ever in Wargaming eSports history.

Now that the finals has concluded and the dust has settled after that tumultuous period, the drums of war sound once again.

Rally up, brave Tank Commanders! Season 1 of TanksAsia Masters is now open and the hunt is on for our next champion. This season, we’ll see over 10 weeks of intense competition to determine the last 2 standing teams that will face off in the grand finale at the close of summer. Tempers will flare and tears will be shed, but nothing will stand in the way to reaching the top and claiming the grand prize of USD 60,000.

Dare you tread into the perilous grounds of the TanksAsia League? Only the strongest will survive and the question remains: Can You Tank This?

More details about Season 1 can be found here.


Wargaming 15th Anniversary


The summer will culminate with the biggest birthday bash of the year, 15th Anniversary party in Minsk, Belarus where the idea for World of Tanks was first conceived. The winning teams from major global regions of the League will be joining us in this huge celebration on an all-expense paid trip to revel in the festivities. There, they will rub shoulders with developers and Wargaming staff from all over the world and also get the rare opportunity of touring the headquarters to have a closer look at how their favourite game is made.  To end the summer on a happy note, we have prepared a big surprise for everyone in the form of an exclusive present so you’ll need to hang around with us to find out what it is.

Best prepare yourselves now.

Summer is coming…