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Storming Into Cebu City

Tank Commanders from the Philippines!

More PVP action awaits you this Saturday, May 26, in Cebu City where the second tournament in the Philippines will be held at GeCube Internet Cafe, P. del Rosario St.

If you’ve missed the previous tournament, you can take part in this upcoming one by signing up here. If you don’t have a team to register, you can still participate in the tournament by signing up on the event day itself at the tournament grounds and we’ll assist to form a team for you with other players. All participants will receive a bonus 500 gold just for taking part so hurry and sign up now!

Get ready for more adrenaline pumping and exciting matches this weekend. Make your way down to Cebu City and partake in a fun filled Saturday with tanks, tanks and more tanks. For some memorable keepsakes, come goof around and take a picture with our Tiger (which has come to be rather popular with some players and their hilarious poses).

The World of Tanks team will be seeing you there!