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Server Maintenance Dec 30th: SPG Changes

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Dear Tank Commanders,

On 30.12.2012 at 00:00 SGT (29.12.2012) 16:00 UTC  the World of Tanks SEA game cluster will be unavailable due to the launch of a new server update, and will be unavailable for approximately 30 minutes.

We know that the number of self-propelled guns can have a dramatic impact on battles.  They are a great compliment to other tanks, but are a challenging and delicate vehicle archetype to balance.  With that in mind this server update sets the limit of the number of SPG vehicles to not exceed more than 5 vehicles in each team per battle.

This Match Maker adjustment may slightly increase the waiting time to enter battle if you're playing the SPG vehicles, or if SPG is present in your platoon.

Please also note, that the Match Maker is organized according to the laws of statistics, and, under certain conditions, some deviations in the teams forming process are possible.

We will continue to work on the Match Making system to aim for its perfection, so we're definitely looking for your feedback on this alteration.  Please provide your feedback and experiences on this alteration in this thread, your feedback and analyzing of game data will be considered in any future alterations.