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Road to URAL Steel Championship 2012

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World of Tanks SEA packs our bags and jets off to the capital city of Russia for the biggest and most exciting World of Tanks tournament of the year - URAL Steel Championship 2012. The tournament has drawn top players from around the globe and gathered them here in Moscow where it will host the greatest tank battles at the Universal Sports Arena CSKA. Come 16 September, 15 teams will go head on to vie for the championship title at the Grand Finals but only one team will rise above the competition to emerge victorious.

Moscow City - This beautiful city houses a combination of both traditional and modern elements where old meets new, blending in harmoniously with each other. With beautiful medieval architecture structures planted amid towering skyscrapers, this delightful blend injects a majestic and sophisticated feel to the place. One can't help but feel as though he's taking a journey down momery lane when strolling through the city and soaking in the breath taking sights.

As much as we would have loved to explore the city further, we had a packed schedule to adhere to and the agenda for Day 1 carted us off to the rustic countryside about 2 hours drive away to the Kubinka Tank Museum where it is home to a very exclusive collection of tanks. Allow us now to share our adventures with you!

To find out what we've been up to and to view the impressive collection of tanks at the museum, please click here.