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RNG: No Comments Ep. 3

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Tank Commanders,

Ever struck a lottery before or rolled the number you were hoping for on a dice during a board game? These lucky occurrences are a result of the Random Number Generator (RNG) and applications of randomness have dated back since ancient times in the form of dice, coin flipping and drawing lots.

In World of Tanks, RNG is in place as well and it plays a part in calcuting the chance or the amount of damage you will inflict on an enemy tank. With this mechanic present in the game, there's bound to be a lot of unpredictable or outrageous moments that may happen. These moments have been collated from replays submitted by the community and put together in episodes of RNG: No Comments to share with everyone, so we can all go "No Way!" and gape in wide-eyed wonderment.

Check out the videos being showcased in Episode 3 below!


What is RNG?

RNG (Random Number Generator) is showcase of the funniest and most interesting World of Tanks replays gathered from the World of Tanks community. The best videos are collated and featured in RNG episodes to be shared with everyone. If you would like to be featured in our RNG episodes, you can contribute your replays in the Community section of the forums.