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Results of Region Select

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Tank Commanders!

In a previous news article about Clan Wars Region Select, we let you have an opportunity to vote for the region on the Global Map in which you want your battles to be held for Clan Wars. Now that the voting period is over, we've closed the poll and taken a look at the results. Here's what you guys have chosen!

No. Region Votes (%)
1 Northern part of Asia 792 (47.4%)
2 Northern Europe 356 (21.3%)
3 East Coast US 149 (8.9%)
4 Mediterranean
119 (7.1%)
5 Siberia and Far East
106 (5.8%)
6 Urals
71 (6.3%)
7 East Africa
45 (2.7%)
8 West Africa 32 (1.9%)

*The above results are a consolidation of votes from the polls on both the English & Thai portals.

Based on the results, Tank Commanders have picked Northern part of Asia with close to 50% of the total votes as your number one choice to battle.

Map of selected region

Now that the stage is set, all we have to do now is wait eagerly for the arrival of Clan Wars upon our shores. In the meantime, gather your forces and forge your alliances in preparation for epic battles to come!