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TanksAsia Masters National Series Singapore Event Report

The sun was bright as usual in sunny Singapore. And the morning air was clear. There was an unmistakable feel of anticipation as the teams gathered at Wargaming's Command Centre, eager to execute their carefully-planned strategies. And everyone present was about to be part of World of Tanks history. One question remained unanswered:

"Who will win the championship title for the Singapore National Series?"

Semi-finals, 02 November, 2013 (Saturday) - Everyone was pumped to get the party started! After the players reported present, it was time to get the show on the road. An old-school coin flip decided which teams would choose the first map.

[Heads or Tails? Community Manager, Enforcer, fished out the biggest coin in his pocket for the coin flip.]

[Our awesome casters, Greg and Ryan, always prepared for non-stop live action coverage!]


Project Phantom vs The Coalition - Singapore


Insidious Gaming vs Wildcard

Tank commanders ready to roll out!

Insidious Gaming and Project Phantom won the coin flip. Not only that, they both won the 1st and 2nd brackets of the semi-finals. Their wins were definitely not determined by luck, though. Those guys deserve medals for adding German TDs to their setups and using it to their advantage despite the tank being a new release!

WATCH SEMI-FINALS 1st Bracket (PP vs. TCS)

WATCH SEMI-FINALS 2nd Bracket (IG vs. WC) and 3RD PLACE Recap (TCS vs. WC)

[Supporters rolling out in World of Tanks in between matches.]


Finals, 02 November, 2013 (Saturday) - It must have been pretty nice for Insidious Gaming and Project Phantom to be up against a friendly team. Regardless of who won, there'd be good reason to celebrate. After a break, the winning teams of the first and second bracket were ready to roll out for the finals!  

Here's a summary of the games starting from the semi-finals playoffs:


Semi-finals 1st Bracket



Game 1, Prokhorovka, 13:05 UTC+8 (05:05 UTC)  - The first match begins!

  • PP: 2 x Rhm. -B. WT, 2 x T1, 1 x T32, 1 x AMX 13 90, 1 x AMX 50 100

  • TC: 2 x WZ-132, 2 x T32, 1 x AMX 13 90, 2 x T1

It looks like Project Phantom are already using German TDs that were never seen before in competitive play! Project Phantom goes west towards the forests. And The Coalition goes east to secure the towns – they also secure the hills with a WZ-132. In attempt to break the stalemate, both sides exchange damage for a short moment. Project Phantom’s AMX50100 gets taken down by 2 Coalition WZ-132s. Major engagement occurs in the last 30 seconds. Coalition’s WZ-132 was taken out while retreating. The match ended in a draw.

Game 1, Match 1, 13:20 UTC+8 (0:20 UTC), Prokhorovka

Both teams start out moving to the middle and east of the map. Confrontation occurs at the middle of the map. The Coalition’s WZ-132 takes out Project Phantom’s AMX 50 100. And Project Phantom’s Rhm. –B. WT downs The Coalition’s T32. Soon after, The Coalition’s WZ-132 charged into Project Phantom’s camp. In the east, Project Phantom destroys a WZ-132 and secures the eastern map. The Coalition’s WZ-132 near Project Phantom’s base takes out a T1, but was soon destroyed by a Rhm. –B. WT. Insidious Gaming takes a defensive stance from then, preventing enemy T1s from entering the cap. When it looked like the game was going to end in a draw, Project Phantom took out The Coalition’s other tanks, leaving them with an AMX 13 90 which put up a good fight before it got destroyed. Project Phantom won by elimination – two more wins to get to the finals!


Winner for Game 1

Project Phantom 1 : 0 The Coalition - Singapore


Game 2, Ruinberg, 13:31 UTC+8 (05:31 UTC)

  • PP: 2 x Rhm. -B. WT, 2 x T1, 1 x KV-5, 2 x IS-3
  • TC: 2 x AMX 50 100, 2 x T1, 3 x 110

The Coalition has some unusual competition tanks there with three 110s. Those tanks are not as common as the IS-3. The Coalition heads to the centre, and then decides to rush into Project Phantom’s camp. It’s a fierce battle, but Project Phantom swiftly defends successfully, barely pulling through! Project Phantom’s excellent distribution of damage to reset the cap wins them the game. It was a quick battle where the new TDs were used to great advantage.

Winner for Game 2

Project Phantom 2 : 0 The Coalition - Singapore


Game 3, Himmelsdorf, 13:43 UTC+8 (05:43 UTC)

  • PP: 2 x Rhm. -B. WT, 2 x T1, 1 x KV-5, 2 x AMX 50 100
  • TC: 3 x 110, 2 x T1, 2 x AMX 50 100

Use of scouts is important in Himmelsdorf because the game can be over before a team can see their opponent because of quick base captures. Both The Coalition and Project Phantom engage at the west side early in game. The Coalition claims the upper-hand as Project Phantom loses too much HP. After gaining a tier point advantage, The Coalition begins a tactical retreat – which is a wise move.  Near the end, The Coalition makes a decisive push, takes the win, and makes a comeback! The Rhm-B.WT is proven to be very vulnerable in exchange for unmatched firepower.


Winner for Game 3

Project Phantom 2 : 1 The Coalition - Singapore


Game 4, Steppes, 14:44 UTC+8 (06:44 UTC)

  • PP: 2 x Rhm. -B. WT, 1 x Pershing, 1 x IS-3, 1 x AMX 13 90, 2 x T1
  • TC: 2 x AMX 13 90, 1 x T69, 1 x T32, 1 x WZ-132, 2 x T1

Steppes is a map that encourages camping due to wide open spaces and vision line. Phantom starts from the north and pushes to the eastern side of the map. The Coalition’s AMX 13 90 was heavily damaged while scouting the middle. Project Phantom continues with an aggressive stance. Project Phantom takes The Coalition’s T69 and the WZ-132, leaving them with two T1s, and a T32 with 19% HP. The rest of The Coalition’s tanks get taken out, save for one T1. The Coalition’s remaining T1 fires at an enemy tank in its base camp, and it gets exterminated quickly. Project Phantom wins the match by eliminating all enemy vehicles.


Winner for Game 4

Project Phantom 3 : 1 The Coalition - Singapore


Semi-finals 2nd Bracket and 3rd Place Recap



Game 1, Mines, 15:22 UTC+8 (07:22 UTC)  - The first match commences.

  • ISG: 2 x Pershing, 2 x AMX 13 90, 2 x T1, 1 x Rhm. -B. WT
  • WC: 1 x L.Traktor, 1 x T1, 2 x T32, 2 x AMX 50 100, 1 x IS-3

Insidious Gaming starts from the south of the map. They send two AMX 13 90s to secure the island at the west side of the map. Wildcard is heavily interested in the island as well. Insidious Gaming positions two Pershings in the middle of the map for scouting purposes. Three of Wildcard’s heavy tanks get spotted on the island and a long-distance stand-off takes place between Insidious Gaming’s two Pershings. Near the end of the game, Insidious Gaming was left with a heavy setup while Wildcard was left with a maneuverable setup. While trying to regroup, Wildcard’s AMX 50 100 and T32 gets taken down and they lost by elimination. Insidious Gaming reacted to enemy moves well and responded well. They won with good coordination.

Winner for Game 1

Insidious Gaming 1 : 0 Wildcard


Game 2, Ensk, 15:35 UTC+8 (07:35 UTC)

  • ISG: 2 x 110, 2 x  Rhm. -B. WT, 1 x Pershing, 2 x T1
  • WC: 2 x AMX 50 100, 1 x T1, 1 x L.Traktor, 1 x T32, 1 x T69, 1 x IS-3

Both teams move out to the western side of the map. During the confrontation, Insidious Gaming lost a T1. Wildcard receives heavy damage to an AMX 50 100. Wildcard’s other AMX 50 100 went out on its own. While trying to take out Insidious Gaming’s 110, Wildcard’s heavily damaged AMX50 100 gets destroyed. Wildcard’s surviving AMX 50 100 downs Insidious Gaming’s WT, but Insidious Gaming’s Pershing makes the 50 100 its kill. Even though the Wildcard T69 did not have support, it manages to kill a 110. Insidious Gaming’s WT tries to kill Wildcard’s T32, but the T69 is behind him. And Insidious Gaming’s 110 rolls into the picture and takes out the T32 before it could reload. Wildcard’s T69 chases the 110, they exchange fire at close range and the T69 takes out the 110. The final battle was between the T69 vs a WT and a Pershing. The Pershing takes on the T69 and adds the T69 as its 5th kill. Insidious Gaming takes the win by eliminating all enemies.

Winner for Game 2

Insidious Gaming 2 : 0 Wildcard


Game 3, Ruinberg, 15:44 UTC+8 (07:44 UTC) 

  • ISG: 2 x 110, 2 x T1,  2 x  Rhm. -B. WT, 1 x IS-3
  • WC: 1 x L.Traktor, 1 x IS-3, 1 x IS-6, 1 x T69, 2 x AMX 50 100, 1 x T1 

At the start of the game, all of Insidious Gaming’s Tier VIIIs push for the city. Wildcard’s IS-6 and T32 move off to the middle of the map while two heavies position themselves at the far right of the map – into sniper positions. Insidious Gaming soon encounters Wildcard’s scouts. The L. Traktor gets taken down. Insidious Gaming’s tanks have yet to be spotted. Insidious Gaming takes two different roads – the WTs and the IS-3 took the middle while the two 110s stayed at the bottom left of the map. The teams engage in a fight in the middle of the map. Insidious Gaming’s heavy tanks join in and take down Wildcard’s IS-3. On the other side, Insidious Gaming’s IS-3 managed to hold off 3-4 of Wildcard’s tanks and survive! Wildcard’s 50 100 takes down both of Insidious Gaming’s 110s, and was later killed by an Insidious Gaming WT. Wildcard’s last remaining IS-6 tried to run, but was taken down by a WT. 

Winner for Game 3

Insidious Gaming 3 : 0 Wildcard

The Coalition - Singapore battled it out with Wildcard for 3rd place:

3rd Place Recap


Game 1, Ruinberg, 16:16 UTC+8 (08:16 UTC)  - The first match begins!

  • TC: 2 x AMX 50 100, 3 x 110, 2 x T1

  • WC: 1 x IS-6, 1 x IS-3, 1 x L.Traktor, 1 x T1, 2 x AMX 50 100, 1 x T32

Team Wildcard sent heavy tanks out to scout the area. The Coalition sent out all three 110s to scout in the middle of the western map. On the other hand, Wildcard uses the same strategy of pushing the T32 up the destroyed building to spot enemy tanks.  Two 110s from The Coalition move near Wildcard’s base. They encounter Wildcard’s IS-3 and IS-6. A battle starts, but The Coalition’s AMX 50 100s are too far away to support. The Coalition loses two of their 110s in the battle. Soon, The Coalition’s AMX 50 100s join the battle – one providing the 110 with support, and the other to take the cap. However, The Coalition’s base is on as well! Wildcard took out the rest of The Coalition’s tanks, leaving The Coalition with a single T1. Wildcard gets into enemy base and captures it.


Winner for Game 1

The Coalition - Singapore 0 : 1 Wildcard


Game 2, Mines, 16:25 UTC+8 (08:25 UTC)

  • WC: 2 x T32, 2 x AMX 50 100, 1 x T1, 1 x IS-3, 1 x L.Traktor
  • TC: 1 x AMX 50 100, 1 x IS-3, 1 x T32, 1 x AMX 13 90, 1 x WZ-132, 2 x T1

The Coalition starts out south and ventures towards the middle of the map; a T32 is stationed in the middle while the others head off. Two of The Coalition’s light tanks are on the island and Wildcard has two T32s at C4. Wildcard secures the island with three tanks. A fight begins at the map’s center. Wildcard’s heavy tanks on the island decide to move out and release an offensive on The Coalition’s light tanks head on. The Coalition’s AMX 13 90 takes out an attacking AMX 50 100. Wildcard sends two more heavies – the AMX 50 100 and the IS-3. The supporting WZ-132 downs Wildcard’s AMX 50 100. After reloading, the AMX 13 90 destroys the IS-3. On the way off the island towards Wildcard’s base, the WZ-132 shoots down the T32 that their comrade was tangoing with.  The Coalition gains victory by wiping out the enemy.

Winner for Game 2

The Coalition - Singapore 1 : 1 Wildcard 


Game 3, ENSK, 16:41 UTC+8 (08:41 UTC)

  • WC: 1 x T1, 1 x L. Traktor, 1 x IS-3, 2 x AMX 50 100, 1 x T69, 1 x T32
  • TC: 2 x T1, 2 x 110, 2 x AMX 50 100, 1 x KV-5

Wildcard takes a defensive position in north-western sector of the map. The Coalition is also being cautious and retreats. Wildcard pressures an attack on The Coalition, poking them to launch an attack. Fierce fighting ensues with lots of flanking. But The Coalition left an important area unguarded.  Because of this, Wildcard’s T1s score a win by base capture. The Coalition wins the battle, but lost the war.


Winner for Game 3

The Coalition - Singapore 1 : 2 Wildcard



Game 4, Himmelsdorf, 16:52 UTC+8 (08:52 UTC)

  • WC: 2 x T1, 3 x 110, 2 x AMX 50 100
  • TC: 1 x T1, 1 x L. Traktor, 1 x IS-3, 2 x AMX 50 100, 1 x T32, 1 x T69

The Coalition pushes all their tanks up the hill, leaving the T1s behind. Although they get sighted by a Wildcard scout, they push the attack anyways. As they hold the hill, The Coalition takes a slightly cautious approach. Wildcard returns to defend their base by setting an ambush in their cap. They prepare to push through the west side, but return to their base after spotting The Coalition’s 110 going through the middle. The Coalition sneaks two 110 around wildcard, 110s engage an AMX 50 100 temporarily but no damage taken on both sides. They continue to poke one another. Coalition relocates and prepares for approach. The match was restarted because of timeout. <<A warning was issued to both teams for passive play.>>

Game 4, Match 2, 17:12 UTC+8 (09:12 UTC), Himmelsdorf

The Coalition takes a different strategy. Wildcard positions their tanks on the western side, but encounters coalition tanks. Tanks from The Coalition push hard through the rails. Wildcard’s IS-3 takes heavy damage and gets taken down. The Coalition’s tanks push in but suffer heavy losses because their 50 100s have not caught up. However, The Coalition deals enough damage to Wildcard and secures a win by base capture. Lerrax from The Coalition dealt over 2000 damage!


Winner for Game 4

The Coalition - Singapore 2 : 2 Wildcard 


Game 5, Prokhorovka, 14:44 UTC+8 (06:44 UTC)

  • WC: 2 x T1, 2 x T32, 2 x WZ-132, 1 x AMX 13 90
  • TC: 1 x T1, 1 x L. Traktor, 1 x IS-3, 2 x AMX 50 100, 2 x T32

Wildcard brings a heavy setup while The Coalition brings a hybrid. Both teams head east, promising a good fight. Coalition leaves a T32 behind for defense. Wildcard captures the eastern side, including the hills while The Coalition takes the western side. Near the end, Wildcard launches a brave offensive with IS-3 forcing The Coalition’s light tank to retreat. Wildcard pushes on The Coalition’s middle tanks and begins a surround maneuver. Both parties launch an all-out attack. A fierce fight occurs in the middle – both teams lost an almost equal amount of tanks. Afterwards, The Coalition’s remaining T1 carries out a successful base capture, winning their team 3rd place.


Winner for Game 5

The Coalition - Singapore 3 : 2 Wildcard


After Insidious Gaming sends Wildcard packing with three straight wins, they move on to the finals. And waiting for them in the finals are their best pals in Project Phantom!

Will they go easy on each other? The show goes on...

Finals Recap




Game 1, Lakeville, 17:52 UTC+8 (09:52UTC) – The first match of the finals commences. 

  • PP: 2 x  Rhm. -B. WT, 2 x T1, 2 x AMX 50 100, 1 x T32
  • ISG: 2 x  Rhm. -B. WT, 2 x T1, 2 x 110, 1 x Pershing

Insidious Gaming moves into position at the west of the map. Project Phantom does the same and an early engagement occurs - Insidious Gaming loses two tanks while Project Phantom is left with their WTs and T1s. Insidious Gaming pushes forward and steamrolls Project Phantom, and wins by elimination.

Winner for Game 1

Project Phantom 0 : 1 Insidious Gaming


Game 2, Steppes, 18:00 UTC+8 (10:00UTC)

  • PP: 2 x  Rhm. -B. WT, 2 x T1, 1 x AMX 13 90, 1 x Pershing, 1 x T32
  • ISG: 2 x T1, 3 x AMX 13 90, 2 x Pershing

Most of the Insidious Gaming team moves towards the eastern side of the map while two of their light tanks move north and west to scout. Project Phantom moves over to the right side of the map to take sniping positions. Some action begins near Project Phantom’s base, where Insidious Gaming deals minor damage. Tanks from both sides begin to relocate to the battle point. More damage is exchanged and tanks go down until Project Phantom is left with two T1s and Insidious Gaming has both AMX 13 90s. The T1s were hunted down and Insidious Gaming scores a win by destroying all enemy tanks. Insidious Gaming responded quickly to Project Phantom’s moves.

Winner for Game 2

Project Phantom 0 : 2 Insidious Gaming  


Game 3, Prokhorovka, 18:17 UTC+8 (10:17 UTC)

  • PP: 2 x T1, 2 x AMX 13 90, 1 x IS-3, 1 x Pershing, 1 x Lor. 155 51
  • ISG: 2 x T1, 3 x AMX 13 90, 1 x Pershing, 1 x Lor. 155 51

Insidious Gaming splits up from the start of the game to scout while Project Phantom sends forces to sniping, scouting, and defending positions. By the game’s quarter, Insidious Gaming has taken control of at least half of the map. When it looks like Project Phantom is about to be cornered, long-range fire is exchanged. Insidious Gaming’s AMX 13 90 starts the cap. Another AMX 13 90 joins the cap, but heads out to fight off Project Phantom’s IS-3 and Lor. 155 51, albeit unsuccessfully. The AMX 13 90 leaves the cap to scare off the Lorr. 155 51. An engagement takes place and Project Phantom turns the tables, winning by elimination.

Winner for Game 3

Project Phantom 1 : 2 Insidious Gaming  


Game 4, Ensk, 18:28 UTC+8 (10:28 UTC)

  • PP: 2 x T1, 1 x KV-5, 2 x IS-3, 2 x Rhm. -B. WT
  • ISG: 2 x T1, 1 x KV-5, 1 x IS-3, 2 x Rhm. -B. WT, 1 x T69

Project Phantom starts westward towards the buildings and stations themselves there. A battle ensues shortly when Insidious Gaming’s IS-3, T69, and both Rhm. –B. WTs appear. Tanks go down in quick procession on both sides until Project Phantom takes out the last of Insidious Gaming’s tanks.

Winner for Game 4

Project Phantom 2 : 2 Insidious Gaming  


Game 5, Ruinberg, 18:37 UTC+8 (10:37 UTC)

  • PP: 2 x IS-3, 1 x KV-5, 2 x Rhm. -B. WT, 2 x T1
  • ISG: 2 x T1, 2 x 110, 2 x Rhm. -B. WT, 1 x IS-3

Insidious Gaming takes an aggressive start by charging into the city. They contact Project Phantom tanks and a city battle begins. Insidious Gaming suffers heavy losses after the battle, and are left with a Rhm. –B. WT to duel against Project Phantom’s Rhm. –B. WT. Project Phantom’s Tank Destroyer shoots Insidious Gaming’s final tank, rams into it, and delivers a death blow before claiming victory by destroying all enemy tanks.

Winner for Game 5

Project Phantom 3 : 2 Insidious Gaming  


Game 6, Mines, 18:14 UTC+10 (08:14 UTC)

  • PP: 2 x T1, 3 x AMX 50 100, 1 x AMX 13 90, 1 x T32
  • ISG: 2 x T1, 2 x AMX 13 90, 1 x Pershing, 1 x T32, 1 x Rhm. -B. WT

Insidious Gaming rolls out three light tanks to secure the island on the lower west side of the map – the other tanks are sent forward to scout while the Rhm. –B. WT stays behind to defend the base. The first encounter begins in the middle. Insidious Gaming’s two AMX 13 90s travel to the eastern side of the maps to take on Project Phantom’s heavies. Project Phantom’s eastern party pushes towards the cap. Insidious Gaming moves to defend base. But Project Phantom captures the base and the winning title of Singapore’s TanksAsia Masters National Series!

Winner for Game 6

Project Phantom 4 : 2 Insidious Gaming  

National Series Singapore concluded with a final score of 4:2. And the champions, Project Phantom, walked away with 1500USD and a spot at the TanksAsia Masters Season 2 playoffs!

Congratulations, guys!

Champion - Project Phantom

[TanksAsia Masters National Series SG Champion - Team Project Phantom]  

1st Runner-up Winners - Insidious Gaming

[TanksAsia Masters National Series SG 1st Runner-up - Team Insidious Gaming] 

2nd Runner-up Winners - (The Coalition - Singapore)

[TanksAsia Masters National Series SG 2nd Runner-up - Team The Coalition - Singapore] 

Once again, congratulations to the victorious! Thanks everyone, for making Singapore's TanksAsia Masters National Series tournament a memorable one.

Amazing job well done. See you guys in future tournaments!

Please keep a lookout on the portal for more details of National Series for the remaining 3 regions (Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand) and Season 2!


WATCH SEMI-FINALS 1st Bracket (PP vs. TCS)

WATCH SEMI-FINALS 2nd Bracket (IG vs. WC) and 3RD PLACE Recap (TCS vs. WC)