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New Eden Radio: Interview with WoT Lead Game Designer

Daggeroth of New Eden Radio interviews Sergei Burkatovskiy to find out what lies in store for World of Tanks and its sister project, World of Warplanes.

We have seen tanks from the early 1930's all the way up to the late 1950's. Are there any plans to add more modern tanks later on for World of Tanks? Maybe even more tiers than just 10?

To summarize the interview in a nutshell, some of the interesting topics covered are modifications by the community, integration of all 3 World of titles into one map and complaints against “wallet warriors”. Also, will we be seeing multiples of the same tank anytime soon in the game? Read on the interview to find out for yourself!

“Some players have also talked about wanting multiples of the same tank ( I.e 2 or 3 T30’s or Type 59’s,etc,etc) each utilizing a separate crew and fit. What is the reason for each player only able to acquire a single copy of any vehicle at a time instead of allowing them to have multiples of the tank?  And is this something that may be changed in the future?”

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