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New Clan Wars Content

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Tank Commanders,

We have released some new and exciting Clan Wars content along with Update 8.3 and we're really thrilled to be able to provide more information about them right here today. If you don't want to be left clueless and wondering what's going on with these new introductions, get a head start by reading up on the details we have prepared for you below.

Read on!

What's New?

Pillage (Test Mode)

Right after having conquered a province a clan may pillage it to instantly get a 3-day gold income. The pillaged province will not bring any profit for the next 7 days, even if the ownership pass to a different clan during this period.

Only a limited number of clan officers are authorized to pillage provinces: clan leads and their deputies, as well as field commanders.


The following conditions have to be met in order to pillage a province:

  • pillage becomes available the next turn after the province has been conquered;
  • no less then 7 days should pass from the previous pillage;
  • the clan should have it's HQ placed on in the map;
  • the province should be connected to clan HQ, either by bordering on the HQ province directly or by being linked to it with chain of other provinces belonging to the same clan.

How to pillage

In order to pillage a province, one has to:

  1. Pick a province to pillage.
  2. Click  in the panel above the map.
  3. Confirm the pillage. The amount of gold equal to a 3-day revenue from this province will be credited to clan's treasury in the beginning of the next turn.

Cancel pillage

After you have issued a command to pillage, you may still cancel it before the end of the current turn. To do so, you need:

  1. Pick the province you have ordered to pillage on the map.
  2. Click  in the panel above the map.
  3. Confirm pillage cancellation.

Riots (Test Mode)

A riot may occur in any non-landing province on the global map. It temporary turns the rioting province into a landing zone which may not be attacked from the neighboring provinces but can be landed upon by any clan not already on the map. The province is considered rioting until the end of the nearest prime time, therefore only 64 randomly picked applications may participate in the tournament. Chips of the applicants will return to reserve and become available again during the next turn.

Rioting provinces are marked with a special symbol on the map 


Riot odds

Riot odds for a province is not constant number and is shown in %, which may grow or shrink every turn. Once a day, a certain hour when riot check occurs is randomly set for every province.

In order to learn the current riot odds, place the cursor over the province riot indicator on the map.

Riot indicator color:

 – the odds haven't changed from the previous turn;

 – the odds have decreased from the previous turn;

 – the odds have increased from the previous turn;

No more than two provinces belonging to your clan may be rioting at a time, meaning that no new riot may occur until the tournament for at least one of them is finished (See Quelling a riot).

Factors affecting riot odds

The odds grow for
a specific province if:
  • it has been pillaged;
  • any neighboring province has been pillaged;
  • it is not connected to the HQ;
  • if the HQ has been removed from this province;
  • if it has been coquered from a clan which owned it for at least 7 days
all provinces of a clan if:
  • any province was lost due to a riot;
  • the HQ was lost;
  • any province was lost.
The odds shrink for
a specific province if:
  • the HQ is deployed in it;
  • if a counter-spy has been assigned to it;
  • if owner-clan chips are deployed in it;
all provinces of a clan if:
  • a riot has been successfully quelled in any of it's provinces;
  • any province has been successfully defended against an enemy attack.


Quelling a riot

Right after the start of a riot, the province becomes available for landing upon by any clan on the clobal map. Together with the prime-time starts, the landing tournament between landing claimants. The winner will fight the current owner of the province.

In order to quell a riot, the owner has to defeat the winner of the landing tournament.