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National Series Australia Event Report


The last time the team was in Australia for a tournament was during Supanova which was held in Melbourne earlier this year in April. Now we're back again but this time, we scooted over to Sydney to cover TanksAsia Masters National Series Australia to bring everyone updates and results of the competition. Have a look below at what transpired over the 2 days of tournament held at EBGames Expo.

Semi-finals, 04 October, 2013 (Friday)  - The weather in Sydney this morning was really chilly and although it was a cooling welcome change from the humidity of Singapore, 13 degree celcius was a tad too much for tropical creatures like us. We wrapped ourselves snugly in our jackets and huddled quickly into the event halls where the temperature sat at a much more comfortable low 20 odd degrees. Weaving through the crowds, we spotted several cosplayers and lots of event attendees queuing up at booths to try their hand at the latest games.

Just when we thought that we had gotten lost in the event hall, a loud gun shot rang though the air. That  had to be World of Tanks without a doubt, so we followed the echoes of gunshots and managed to trace down the booth. By then, the first match between Avante Garde and Mindfreak was already over and the next match between Cherry Pickers and SEA Cucumbers was about to start.

[Overheard in the audience: “Will the fruits or vegetables prevail?”]

SEA Cucumbers won their match with a 3-0 score and thus will proceed to the finals to duke it out with Avante Garde for the champion title. An elated Batman (if you remembered, Batman was part of the Filipino team PVP Super Friends which won Season 1) could be heard hooting and shouting once SEA Cucumbers secured their placing for the finals. Seems like the bat is everywhere afterall.  


A little boy, clearly thrilled about being able to see Batman in the flesh started to tug at his father’s sleeve and point excitedly at the Batman ears which were protruding out from behind the monitor.

We can’t wait to see how the sea cucumbers will fare against Avante Garde in the finals tomorrow!

[AVG team obliged a fan's request for autographs and have their photographs taken together]


11:00 UTC+10 (01:00 UTC), 05 October, 2013 (Saturday) - We started the day with two friendly matches between players picked randomly from the audience. Our hosts, Greg and Mitch patrolled the crowd to pick out players for their own teams and placed meal bets on their victories. The crowd was really enthusiastic and lots of people volunteered to play, so slots for both teams were filled up quickly. Unfortunately for Greg, his team lost for both matches and he now owes Mitch a chicken dinner.


Before the 3rd placing playoffs started, the hosts interviewed Mindfreak to find out about their thoughts about the match against Avante Garde the day before. They conceded that the team was slow to react and AG took advantage and capitalized on this weakness. Mindfreak vowed to do better for today's 3rd placing match and they didn't disappoint. They won their match against Cherry Pickers to take 3rd place in the tournament. Below you can find a summary of the matches for 3rd place playoffs.


3rd Placing Playoffs



Game 1, Himmelsdorf, 12:14 UTC+10 (02:14 UTC)  - The first match commences.

  • MF: 3 x AMX 50 100, 2 x T1, 2 x IS-3
  • CP: 2 x AMX 50 100, 3 x IS-3, 2 x T1, T32

Cherry Pickers start the match by sending scouts out into the center. Mindfreak position themselves in the chapel area to defend. An engagement takes place at C3 and 2 members of MF goes down, but they rallied their remaining troops together and took out CP’s forces one by one by outnumbering their scattered troops. Although they got off to a bad start, Mindfreak managed to recover to take the first match.

Winner for Game 1

Mindfreak 1 : 0 Cherry Pickers


Game 2, Prokhorovka, 12:24 UTC+10 (02:24 UTC)

  • MF: AMX 13 90, 2 x T69, 2 x T1, T32, Pershing
  • CP: Pershing, 2 x AMX 50 100, 2 x T1, 2 x AMX 13 90

Cherry Pickers send a T1 scouting down at line 3. Mindfreak moves to the bottom right corner of the map and sets up camp there. A little into the game, a brief fight breaks out and CP trades a tank for 3 of MF's. MF falls back to defend at the train line.

A Cherry tank moves in to reveal the positions of 3 of MF's tanks but gets taken out swiftly. The fight drags out with both teams waiting for a good opportunity to open fire and ends in a draw with neither team wanting to risk losing any tanks further. <<MF was issued a warning for passive play>>

Game 2, Match 2, 12:37 UTC+10 (02:37 UTC), Praborovha

 Both teams move all their forces into the center at line 3/4 and a fight ensues upon spotting one another. 4 MF and 3 Cherry tanks emerge alive from the encounter and MF tries to herd CP away from their capture point. Chappo from CP takes out another 2 tanks bringing his kill score to 4 but unfortunately gets shut down. MF takes the 2nd match to bring the score to 2:0.

Winner for Game 2

Mindfreak 2 : 0 Cherry Pickers


Game 3, Ruinberg, 12:51 UTC+10 (02:51 UTC) - Match point for Mindfreak.

  • MF: 3 x AMX 50 100, 2 x IS-3, 2 x T1
  • CP: 3 x AMX 50 100, 2 x IS-3, 2 x T1 

Both teams exchange fire at E3. MF manages to flank CP from the back to take out 2 tanks. A CP T1 tries to capture the base but gets nudged around by a heavier MF tank which was trying to push it out of the capture point while reloading. Another MF tank falls back to the capture point to provide backup and successfully stops the T1's base capture attempt by taking it out. MF seals the game by eliminating the CP forces to take 3rd place in the tournament. 

Winner for Game 3

Mindfreak 3 : 0 Cherry Pickers

During the interval break, we played more friendly matches between random members of the audience who were all raring to have a go in World of Tanks. Slots were filled up immediately and even the girls wanted to have a shot at the game. All participants got to bring home a goodie bag for their participation.


After the friendly matches were over, it was time to get down to business and to start the most anticipated match of the day - The Finals!

After a brief introduction of Avante Garde and SEA Cucumbers, both teams settled down into their seats on stage to prepare for the final fight that will determine who gets to represent Australia at the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2013. Let's Battle!



Finals Recap



Game 1, Steppes, 17:15 UTC+10 (07:15UTC) – The first match of the finals commences. 

  • AVG: 3 x 110, 2 x AMX 50 100, 2 x T1 
  • SEA: 2 x IS-3, T69, 2 x AMX 50 100, 2 x T1

AVG moves out with FreshMeat leading the charge. 2 separate fights ensue at A5 and D7 and 1 tank from AVG and 2 tanks from SEA get destroyed in the fire fight. AVG gathers their forces at C5 and proceeds to surround the SEA tanks, taking them out one at a time. The fight spills over into D3 where a final engagement decided the outcome of the first match. It was a close fight but SEA Cucumber came out on top to take the lead with a score of 1:0.

Winner for Game 1

Avante Garde 0 : 1 SEA Cucumbers


Game 2, Mines, 17:27 UTC+10 (07:27UTC)

  • AVG: IS-3, Pershing, T32, AMX 50 100, AMX 13 90, 2 x T1
  • SEA: T69, 2 x T1, AMX 50 100, 2 x AMX 13 90, IS-3

SEA takes to the hills where they can catch a good view of the AVG troops from higher ground. With 2 tanks surrounding an AVG T1, SEA destroys the scout to draw first blood. A huge fight breaks out at F5 and a chase ensues, resulting in the fight being taken to C4 where the AVG forces get wiped out together almost simultaneously. Left with one surviving tank, AVG bingobongo retreats to live to fight another day. The SEA forces advance to capture the base to take another win for the team.

Winner for Game 2

Avante Garde 0 : 2 SEA Cucumbers


Game 3, Prokhorovka, 17:40 UTC+10 (07:40 UTC)

  • AVG: 2 x AMX 13 90, Pershing, T69, AMX 50 100, 2 x T1
  • SEA: T69, 2 x AMX 13 90, T69, 2 x T1, T32

Both teams made contact in the middle of the map between E4/ E5 and F4/ F5 which resulted in both sides losing 2 members each. AVG spreads out their tanks in an attempt to surround the SEA forces. Both teams lose another tank each and the match looks even at this point in time with 4 tanks left on each side. The fight carries over to A6 and AVG successfully decimates the entire SEA team. AVG takes Game 3 to close the score gap to 1:2

Winner for Game 3

Avante Garde 1 : 2 SEA Cucumbers


Game 4, Ruinberg, 17:50 UTC+10 (07:50 UTC)

  • AVG: 2 x T1, Pershing, IS-3, 2 x AMX 50 100, AMX 13 90
  • SEA: 2 x T1, 3 x IS-3, AMX 13 90, AMX 50 100

SEA moves out into the field while AVG sets up camp in the city. 3 SEA tanks take the circular road towards the capture point while 1 tank positions itself in their own base to defend. The SEA tanks spot the AVG forces and open fire, putting 2 AVG tanks out of action but loses one in the process. Both teams clash in an all out showdown between B5 and C5. When the smoke cleared, 3 AVG tanks and 1 SEA tank were left standing. AVG moves in to capture the SEA base but manages to end the game earlier by finishing off the last surviving SEA tank. Both teams are now tied at 2:2

Winner for Game 4

Avante Garde 2 : 2 SEA Cucumbers


Game 5, Lakeville, 18:03 UTC+10 (08:03 UTC)

  • AVG: 2 x T1, T69, 2 x AMX 50 100, AMX 13 90, Pershing
  • SEA: 2 x T1, AMX 13 90, 2 x AMX 50 100, T69

AVG splits their forces into 2, pushing on through lines 4 and 8. First contact was established at E9 and a tank from SEA bites the dust. Shortly after, AVG is put at a disadvantageous position following a bad trade off of 5 tanks to 2. The SEA team moves in swiftly to capture the base to earn a score lead over AVG once again.

Winner for Game 5

Avante Garde 2 : 3 SEA Cucumbers


Game 6, Himmelsdorf , 18:14 UTC+10 (08:14 UTC)

  • AVG: 2 x IS-3, 2 x T1, 3 x AMX 50 100
  • SEA: 2 x IS-3, 2 x AMX 50 100, T69, 2 x T1

The scouts of both teams spot each other at E3 and shots are exchanged, resulting in both teams losing a tank each. AVG rushes their troops to D2 and SEA reacts instantaneously by moving in to intercept the advancing forces. A final showdown erupts between the teams and SEA emerges the victor by annihilating the entire AVG team to win the tournament.

Winner for Game 6

Avante Garde 2 : 4 SEA Cucumbers

With a final score of 4:2, National Series Australia concluded with Team SEA Cucumbers as the champion of the tournament. Besides walking away with cash and premium prizes, the team will also get to represent Australia to compete at the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2013. They will also be seeded into TanksAsia Masters Season 2 to battle for fame, prestige and of course, more fantastic cash prizes.

Champion - Sea Cucumbers

[TanksAsia Masters National Series AU Champion - Team SEA Cucumbers]  

1st Runner-up Winners - Avante Garde

[TanksAsia Masters National Series AU 1st Runner-up - Team Avante Garde] 

2nd Runner-up Winners - Mindfreak

[TanksAsia Masters National Series AU 2nd Runner-up - Team Mindfreak] 


Congratulations to all winners and a big shoutout to everyone for supporting the Australian leg of the TanksAsia Masters National Series tournament.

Please keep a lookout on the portal for more details of National Series for the remaining 5 regions (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand) and Season 2!