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Manual Change of Settings in Update 8.10

In version 8.10 we are adding new graphic effects, which are designed in order to make tank battles even more colorful and picturesque. But it’s important to understand that all these additions will influence game performance.That's why graphic settings for each account will be reset at the first game launch after installing Update 8.10. In most cases, the system will auto-detect your hardware and set the game at a suitable graphics level. But sometimes performance drops may be observed. For this reason, you are highly recommended to spend several minutes to manually change your game settings.

Let’s take a look at new effects:

  • Lens Flare’ — it can be turned off by setting ‘Lighting quality’ (4) to ‘Medium’ or lower.
  • God Rays’ — it can be turned off by setting ‘Lighting quality’ (4) to ‘Medium’ or lower.
  • ‘HDR Bloom’ – it can be turned off by setting ‘Post processing’ (7) option to ‘Disabled’.
  • Cloud Shadows’ — it can be turned off by setting ‘Textures quality’ (2) to ‘Medium’ or lower.
  • ‘Motion Blur’ – it can be turned off by setting ‘Motion Blur quality’ to ‘Disabled'.


Below you may find a list of setting, lowering or disabling which, you may significantly improve your game performance. Please note that most settings are available for ‘Improved graphics’ only (1)

  • Textures quality (2) is not influenced by adapter performance, but requires video memory. It’s not recommended to set it to ‘High’ on low-end PCs
  • Shades quality (3) mostly depends on overall system performance, including video card and CPU. It’s not recommended to set it to ‘High’ , if you one of the elements has low performance
  • Lightings quality (4) depends on performance of the video card. Owners of low-end and old video cards are advised to set this parameter to minimum or disable it.
  • Vegetation quality (5) determines the display of grass and low bushes, which are unsuitable for hiding a tank. It depends both on video card performance and amount of available video memory.
  • Additional effects quality (6). This parameter is responsible for display of smoke, dust, flame, explosions etc. All these objects do not load a video card that much, but require many resources from your CPU.  So if your CPU has low performance, it’s also recommended to set the option to ‘Low’.
  • Post-processing (7). Different additional visual effects: air refraction, bloom etc. It highly depends on your video card performance, and is not that influenced by amount of video memory. On low-end PCs, it’s required to set this to ‘Minimum’ or or be switched off.
  • Additional effects in Sniper mode (8). Similar to the quality of additional effects, but displayed in sniper mode.
  • Track effects (9).  Display of dust, snow and water movement due to moving tracks. It majorly influences performance. It’s recommended to turn it off on low-end PC’s
  • Grass in Sniper Mode (10). It’s recommended to turn this option off in case of performance drop in Sniper mode.