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Last Stop, Cavite City

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Tank Commanders from the Philippines!

Don’t miss out on this chance to take part in the Meet the Tank Commanders at Cavite City this coming Saturday on 09 June, 2012. Although it’s the final stop of our mini tournaments for this current campaign, it won’t be the last. (However, we don’t know when the next one is yet as we’re still planning for it.)

Come catch some explosive tank action or meet up with fellow Tank Commanders to chill out and relax over a game of World of Tanks. If you think you have what it takes and want to show off your tank prowess, you can sign up here. Mulling over the decision to join? You have until Saturday to make your choice.

If you don’t have a team to register, you can still participate in the tournament by signing up on the event day itself at the tournament grounds and we’ll assist to form a team for you with other players.

Remember now! All participants will receive a bonus code for 500 gold and get to take home some wonderful World of Tanks prizes.

The World of Tanks team will be waiting for you this Saturday at Cavite City! (Psst, the Tank Girl will be there too.)