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Interview with the Winners for WoT Alienware Arena Tournament

With the conclusion of the World of Tanks Alienware Arena tournament, the very first to be held in Singapore, we grab hold of some of the winners to get some insight into their team and some background information about themselves.

Firstly, we interview the team leader and one member of the winning team, S.S. Panzer. Unlike the other teams who had signed up together as a whole team, S.S. Panzer is actually made up of players who had signed up under single registrations. It consists of 3 friends from China (and currently residing in Singapore) and a pair of Singaporean brothers. Both sides did not know each other prior to the tournament.

Hi, Team Leader CH_SHAO and Tayutami! Tell us how you did you come to form your team.

CHN_SHAO: It was a last minute thing as my friends called me up last night to come take part in this competition. They even made me the team leader!

Tayutami: My brother and I joined the tournament for fun and signed up under the single registrations. We didn’t know CH_SHAO and the rest of the team before this.

Are you guys part of any clans currently?

CHN_SHAO: My friends and I are from the clans KING and RELIE on the NA server.

Tayutami: I don’t belong to any clans.

How often do you guys play World of Tanks?

CHN_SHAO: About 2 hours odd per day.

Tayutami: About 1-2 hours a day or when the free experience is gone.

What do you like about World of Tanks?

CHN_SHAO: I like the game for the challenge it gives and the excitement of it. It gives me the thrill as though my life is on a line.

Tayutami: What I like best about the game is that it is really realistic and it has an interesting concept to it.

How do you feel about the tournament and winning it?

CHN_SHAO: The tournament was very well organised and the organisers had everything under control with a precise event flow. I’m really happy about it and I feel that I’m really lucky to be able to play with my friends and win.

What do you think contributed to your win?

CHN_SHAO: Teamwork! Bromance! *laughs* There’s a lot more significance and meaning to playing when you can do it with your comrades.

Tayutami: The teamwork and the strategies.

Will you be taking part in future World of Tanks tournaments?

CHN_SHAO: Most definitely. If given the chance, I hope to play with my friends again and do my best.

Tayutami: Yea, why not?


Next up, we couldn’t help but notice a sweet looking lady amidst all the burly lads, so we decided to kidnap her away from her team xSGx for a moment to get a few words from her. (Just in case the boyfriend was wondering where she disappeared to midway, WE HAZ YOUR GURLFRIEND LOLZ)

Hello! We’re really curious here so please tell us why you play World of Tanks.

Littlecherry: I’m playing it because my boyfriend is playing.

What do you like about the game?

Littlecherry: I like to “chiong”! (rush forward)

Any setbacks faced so far being the fairer sex in a game dominated by males?

Littlecherry: None so far. My friends have been really helpful to me in the game, helping me with stuff such as equipment.

By the way, how did your team come about?

Littlecherry: We randomly went into a channel named xSGx on the NA server and got to know the rest.

Will you be taking part in future World of Tanks tournaments? We want to see you again!

Littlecherry: When there are cash prizes! And when I can wake up!

Any closing messages to everyone out there?

Littlecherry: I hope to see more girls playing World of Tanks!


And we’ll bet on it that’s probably what the guys are hoping for too.

Thank you for sparing the time for this little session with us CHN_SHAO, Tayutami and littlecherry! We hope to see you guys and gal in the future tournaments. Congratulations once again on your win!