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Interview with WCG 2012 Champions (MY)

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Team Urban Gamer has managed to eliminate all the competition to emerge as the winners for WCG Malaysia 2012. For this feat, they earn the rights to represent Malaysia at the WCG Grand Finals in Kunshan, China. Let's hear what the team has to say about themselves!

Interview for World of Tanks WCG 2012 Malaysia Champion

Team Urban Gamer

Which Clan is your team from?

We came from 2 major Clans WoTM2 & WOTM.

How did you guys come to form this team?

Someone posted on their clan facebook group that he wish to form a team, so they joined the team to try their luck.

How prepared were team Urban Gamer before the tournament?

We had no prior training before the tournament, just going with luck at that time for fun. We didn’t even think we could win. However we did discuss map strategies.

How do you feel about coming in champion for World of Tanks WCG Malaysia and representing Malaysia in Kunshan for the WCG tournament?

As a representative of Malaysia we are honored and will try our best to win. Some say we are not experienced enough to be there, however we know one thing for sure that ‘We are NOT going down without a fight!’

Lastly do you have anything to say to your opponents?

You stand a good chance of attracting the wrong attention. We will shower you with WoTM’s shells of love.


We wish Team Urban Gamer all the best in the finals and to do Malaysia proud!

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