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Interview with URAL Steel Championship SEA Winners -Apostles-

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Now that the Qualifiers for the URAL Steel Championship have been concluded, we caught up with the winning team –Apostles- who will be representing SEA at the Grand Finals in Moscow this September. From what we have gathered so far, -Apostles- is a team that is made up of like-minded players from Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun (sushi cravings, anyone?), so they will make for a really interesting addition to the URAL Steel tournament this year which has in the past, been largely dominated by the Americans, Europeans and Russians. We wish them all the best and hope that they can bring glory to the SEA server by emerging as champions for the tournament!

We would also like to give a shout-out to Team Grumpy Old Men for their great performance and sportsmanship as well as their support towards World of Tanks tournaments. Here’s a salute from World of Tanks! /salute

So without further delay, we bring you the interview with Team -Apostles-. Read on!


1.) Tell us more about yourself and the team members.

All of us are Japanese and -Apostles- is formed by members of RAHAB and SDKFZ in the NA server.

2.) How did the team come about? And how did you get the team name –Apostles-?

We came to participate in the tourney with the hopes of winning. The biggest draw in coming to SEA server is the time zone.

Simply, we use the name -Apostles- which has a play on the word 'visitors' in japanese as we are like visitors from Japan/ NA Server.

This team is made up of ambitious members aiming high for the tourney.

3.) When did you starting playing WOT? And how did you come across the game?

I've been playing WoT since two years ago during the EU server closed beta. Almost all of the other members started later.

After the NA server went live, we wanted to try tourneys but have always been hampered by problems of time zone.

I really want to thank for establishing a SEA server.

4.) How often do you guys play the game or practise together?

We needed trained crews and vehicles for Ural Steel quickly, so we platooned up almost everyday.

Some of us started to play on SEA after the announcement of this tournament. Our stats have been filled with Churchill lol.

We had no practice in the game but discussed about a team-build to win.

5.) Describe your confidence level before the tournament started. How far did you actually think you could go?

Fifty-fifty. We knew there are some strong teams with the transfer of accounts.

6.) What difficulties did the team encounter during the course of the tournament?

We couldn't have team-build variety. This problem has plagued us always.

High-Tier SPGs in particular scared us.

7.) What do you think contributed to your win in the Qualifiers?

Analysis of the opposing team.

We had to acquire the necessary vehicles for team-build in limited time.

8.) Are you happy with your performance overall so far? Or are there any areas that you feel you could have done better?

The answer is "Yes", but we think we need to play more smartly. Especially LTs drive.

9.) How do you feel about representing SEA at URAL Steel Championship Finals in Moscow later this September? Do you think your team has what it takes to win the tournament?

I consider that is very creditable :)

If I were to say it frankly,  it's still insufficient for the win at the finals. We have to hurry with preparations.

10.) What do you look forward to do most when you’re in Moscow?

It is the first time traveling abroad for me!! I am looking forward to all XD

11.) Anything you wish to say to your opponents whom you will face in the Finals?

Hello world, we are Ninja.