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Interview with Singapore NextGen Tank Regiment [SNTR]

Tank Commanders!

World of Tanks will be launching a series of interviews with major clans on the SEA cluster to be featured here in our portal. This will be the start of a community initiative to raise clan awareness so everyone can get to know their fellow Tank Commanders! To start the ball rolling, we zoom in on Clan SNTR from Singapore and find out more about this awesome group of people!

How was SNTR founded?

SNTR was founded by a like-minded group of Singaporeans who shared the same vision of hoping to put Singapore on the world map for E-sports.

How did you build up SNTR to its size today?

SNTR was built based on fundamentals of a healthy community, encompassing members with leadership abilities, devotion, perserverance and integrity.  These important ingredients helped the clan grow tremendously within a short period of time.

What is your slogan/ motto?

Who dares, Wins!

What are the requirements to join SNTR?

We will evaluate the statistics of the applicant and have a discussion among our officers before coming to a decision to admit a member.

What is the average age group in your clan?


Where are the majority of the players of your Clan from?


Is your clan based in any cybercafé?

No. We play at home.

What are your plans for the upcoming Clan Wars?

SNTR is currently allied with several other clans such as -K-, LOS, STEEL/METAL and INDO and we are also part of ISAF (Independent Strategic Alliance Force).  We do have some strategic plans in place and will work with our partners to achieve our mission.

How do your clan members effectively communicate among each other?

We have our very own dedicated teamspeak server and also have a forum to keep our members updated with news and events.

Are there female gamers in your clan?

Yes. We have 5 female gamers in our clan.

Has SNTR participated in Tank Company Battles?

We regularly participate in tank company battles.

Has your Clan attained any achievements?

WCG Singapore 2012 1st & 2nd runner up.

To conclude our interview, any last words to all players of World of Tanks SEA?